sevenhabitsfaggotscover In the simplest terms a faggot's success as a faggot is measured by its obedience to its Master and its commitment to serving Real Men, sexually and otherwise. But because most faggots aren't fortunate enough to be owned and commanded (or forced) into absolute obedience, twenty-four-seven, they need certain standards and guidelines for knowing whether or not they are on track. Almost all of My Teachings are aimed at this, so that no faggot anywhere has any excuse to fail as a faggot. If the faggot has the internet, and access to My Words, then it knows what it must do to be “successful.”

Successful faggots share common traits, but they also share common habits. Learn from them ...

Faggot Habit 1. They Seek Bareback Tops

bareback With very few exceptions, successful faggots focus most on serving Men who will Bareback them. As faggots they desperately want to feel a Man's Cock inside of them with no barrier getting in the way. Their cunts hunger for Man-Cum and they want as much of it as possible pumped deep inside of their whore bodies.

More important than the faggot's own desire is the fact that most Real Men hate condoms because they dull Our pleasure. Since a true faggot defines its success largely by how much pleasure it can give to Real Men, it strives to be a Bareback Cumdumpster whore thereby maximizing its usefulness as a pleasure-object for Men to use. 

Faggot Habit 2: They Find & Frequent The Right Places

Successful faggots seek out all the best places in town to sexually serve Real Men. They know the best Bath Houses, Adult Bookstores, parks, public restrooms and Gloryholes. They also know the busiest times for each. Rather than leaving it to chance, their goal is be where the most Men are at any given time, so they can be of the most service as faggot Cocksuckers and fuck-holes.

These faggots don't occasionally visit these places, they frequent them. They are almost fixtures ... spending hours on end in the bath house Sling being fucked by one Man after another until their cunts are running with Cum; or kneeling at the busiest Gloryhole booths sucking so many Cocks and swallowing so many Loads that time itself seems to vanish.

Faggot Habit 3: They Prioritize Service

Half-ass failure-faggots erroneously believe their "free time" belongs to them, so they squander most of it on idle enjoyments such as socializing with friends and watching television. True, successful, faggots are never so misguided. They understand that--as faggots--they are not free beings. They exist to serve Real Men, so their "free time" also isn't free, except in the sense of being time that they are finally free to fulfill their primary life purpose as fuck-hole Cumdump faggot whores.

Being a hole for Cock to use and fill is not a mere side-event for the successful faggot. It is the main event. It is what they live for. They begrudge every hour they are forced to spend away from sucking Cock, getting fucked and serving their Superiors, Men. So when not working, they prioritize their time around being useful, and used, faggots. They squander few, if any, evenings being vegetables in front of the T.V. and instead cruise online seeking opportunities to suck Cock and be fucked. They aren't at the club dancing on the weekends, they are in Bath House slings being drilled by one Cock after another, like the proper faggot sluts that they are.

Faggot Habit 4: They Set Slutty Goals

Sling-Slut-Bareback An important but often overlooked habit of successful faggots is that they set goals for themselves. This goes hand-in-hand with Faggot Habit 3, and it sets them apart from those would-be faggots that merely dream of being true and total sluts.

No faggot starts off successful, after all. No faggot begins its faggot life as a slut. Instead, it works towards it. It may have begun its journey in faggotry by setting the tame goal of merely going to its first Gloryhole and sucking off its first random Cock. Then, the faggot sets higher and higher goals, until the day comes that it is planning on being gangbanged by a dozen men, or taking 500 Anonymous Loads up its cunt in a year. Wherever the successful faggot is in its development it is always striving to up its game ... to be of more and better service, of being more extreme and total a whore, every week, month and year.

Faggot Habit 5: They Seek Quantity Over Quality

fag tagteam Successful faggots don't think in terms of what kinds of guys turn them on most. They don't limit themselves in such a misguided way, since they know that their own desires and pleasure aren't what matter. Serving Real Men is what matters. This means serving as many Real Men as possible, as often as possible. It means that every Cock that face-fucks their whore mouth, or pumps a Load up their slut cunt, is a sign of success. No matter the type of Cock or type of Man behind that Cock.

It's always quantity of Cock and Loads over quality that matters to a true and successful faggot. Because the faggot knows that, in truth, every Man is its superior, every Cock is worthy of worship, and every Load is a gift that the faggot doesn't deserve and for which the faggot should be infinitely grateful.

Faggot Habit 6: They Never Say 'No'

HardGH Cock A successful faggot never says 'No' to an opportunity to suck a Cock or get fucked. In a way this is both a prerequisite to, and a result of, developing Faggot Habit 5. The more a faggot prioritizes quantity of Cock-service over supposed quality of hookup, the more of an indiscriminate slut it becomes and the more habitual saying ,"Yes, sir!" becomes.

At the same time--and this is key--the single biggest obstacle for most faggots that want to be an indiscriminate sluts but can't seem to "make it happen," is that they turn down innumerable opportunities to serve Men. Most often this isn't in the form of actually saying "No" directly or even consciously, either. Instead, the faggot believes it is ready and willing, when in fact it is avoiding its responsibility to serve Any and All Men by being picky (Again, Habit 5).

For example: The faggot is cruising online and a number of Men chat the faggot up. Before long, one of the Men expresses a desire to meet and use the faggot right now. The faggot hesitates, delays. Why? Because it desires one of the other Men more and wants to hold out for Him. The faggot's preferred Man, however, ends up not wanting to meet up just then. In the meantime, the first Man has left and found another faggot to use. Moral of the story here is that a successful faggot leaps at any opportunity to serve Cock. The successful faggot instinctively says, "Yes, sir!"

This is only one example of how unsuccessful faggots say "No" without even knowing they are doing it. There are many other ways, but all have in common the tendency to delay, avoid, and make excuses. And when it comes to serving Cock a faggot has no right to delay, avoid or make any excuses. 

Faggot Habit 7: They Become Addicts

By this I do not mean drug addicts, but addicts to Cock, Addicts to Cum, addicts to service, addicts to being used by Real Men. It is the faggot's version of the junkies "habit." But instead of a needle shooting heroin in the arm, faggot wants Cock to shoot Cum down its throat or inject Cum into its cunt. Addict that it is, the faggot reaches a point that it's entire life is consumed by a need to suck Cock, swallow Cum, be fucked and filled. Every other hope, dream and aspiration falls to the wayside as the addiction takes complete hold over the faggot's pathetic life.

Eventually it becomes nothing but a living, subhuman fuck-hole with a vacant stare and an empty mind. It has achieved its penultimate success ... it has become NOTHING but a faggot hole that exists to serve Cock and take Cum.

This is the destiny of faggots that follow the first 6 Habits. But the most successful of successful faggots are those that know ahead of time where their faggotry will lead, and embrace it completely. They are brazen addicts to Cock and Cum with no desire to ever "recover" from it, even if they could. Instead they want to be consumed by it completely.


Take an inventory of your meager life, faggot. Ask yourself how much you live according to the above habits of successful faggots. If you fall short, focus now on integrating these slutty habits into your whore life.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.