faggot prick

Here's an exposure-humiliation challenge for you pathetic faggots. I enjoy making you whores compete with each other for My attention like the puppets and pawns you are.

Here's the competition: Create a series of pics similar to this one, showing your worthless little pricks and your balls clipped with clothespins.


1. Shave that bitch. I don't want to see any hair.

2. If you have a chastity device, use it. If not, improvise such as with rope binding, rubber bands, etc. Whatever you can think of to symbolize and demonstrate the fact that your prick isn't a Real Cock but just a worthless faggot twig.

3. As with this photo, clip your worthless sack with some clothes pins. But more ... on the clothes pins write in clear, bold, black ink: FagMaster.com. So I can exploit you as faggot billboards to spread My Message and further My Mission to faggots everywhere.

4. Aesthetics count. Don't half-ass this bitch. The "lay out" should show that you've put time into it. The pic lighting and quality must be good as well.

5. Email the pics to fagmasterpdx@gmail.com along with whatever name you want Me to use, a brief faggot bio, and your Tumblr page and/or Twitter handle if you have one. 


If one or more of the pics please Me, I may reward you by featuring it here on the site and My tumblr page. Or I might not reward at all ... depending on My whim.  You'll do it regardless, cunts. Simply because I have commanded it.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.