AffirmingFaggotryI still get asked by dip-shits if I "hate faggots." As I explained in The Worth Of Worthless Faggots, the question is basically senseless. A faggot is there to be used. It's an object. A tool for pleasure, like a fleshlight. In other words, a faggot has a USE, and so far as it remains useful, there's nothing to hate about it. Even if the faggot proves useless, it's still not something you hate. Because it's not WORTH hating. A faggot just isn't important enough to give a personal shit about, one way or another. If it's useless, simply throw it away like a piece of trash, and move on to the next faggot.

Now that that is, again, clarified I'm going to go a step further and explain to the dip-shits who whine about me "hating" faggots that they are doubly wrong. In fact, I'm very pro-faggot. I affirm faggotry. I champion faggotry. I'm the best thing that has ever happened to faggot-kind. Here's why ... 


Faggots are tired to death with the mainstream idea of "Gay." As I write in Free Faggots vs. Hapless Homos they've been told that they are normal, just like everyone else, and should settle down, get married, and all that shit. The problem is, that fags aren't "normal," and they shouldn't try to be. The natural and right place in life for a faggot is to BE a faggot. Being naturally inferior to Real Men, a faggot's proper place in life and the world is serve Real Men as sexual objects, fuck-holes and slaves. This is the truth countless faggots know in their bones, and have been desperate to hear affirmed. I affirm it. I tell fags the Truth that so few others are willing to tell them. 

Faggots honor and worship Me for this. As they should.


A faggot that hears the truth still needs to learn how to put that truth into practice. It can't settle for being an armchair faggot or fantasy faggot. It must live as a faggot is intended to live. Faggots need training, guidance, and Mastery to achieve their real potential as fuck-toys and cumsluts and slaves. Many need brutally brainfucked to cleans their minds of the false-egos and values that have for so long inhibited or repressed their True faggot Nature.

I encourage them to go to bath houses, climb into slings and allow countless random Men to fuck Loads of Cum up their whore faggot cunts. I instruct them to go to Gloryholes and kneel in worship before Cock--the true god of every faggot. I direct them down dark and liberating paths of slutting, depravity and whoredom. I free them to be Cumwhores and Cumaddicts. I free them from the lies they lived and make them into the true faggots they always dreamed of being.

Faggots honor and worship Me for this. As they should.


Tragically, far too few Real Men understand their rights over faggots. Real Men too have fallen prey to the false-conditioning that says faggots are "normal people," should be treated as "equals," with "respect," and so on.

My Work is helping more Real Men recognize their natural superiority over faggots, wake up from that bullshit, and claim their right to use faggots as playthings, fuck-tools, Cumdumpsters and slaves. 

Faggots--at least those that have discovered and embraced their true nature and function--crave being used by Real Men. They crave humiliation, they are gluttons for abuse, they are fanatics for Cock, and they are Junkies for Cum. A faggot is incomplete without these things, which means a faggot is a non-thing without Real Men to give it these things and use it as a faggot ought to be used.

By inspiring more Real Men to use faggots, I am also helping faggots by making it easier to find what they so desperately need: Cock, Cum and Mastery by their superiors.

Faggots honor and worship Me for this. As they should.


The feelings of faggots are of no real importance in themselves, but I include this to make a final important point to the little sissy bitches who cry about me "hating" fags. When most fags come to they range from feeling discontent with their lives all the way to downright miserable about their lives. They read My Words and begin to understand why this is so: because they have lived in denial of their true faggot nature and life purpose.

After I teach them, and instruct them, they rapidly experience a transformation. They become happy little faggots. This is because they have finally discovered the only authentic source of happiness a faggot can ever have: Cock, Cum and service to Real Men. All the other shit that they thought would make them happy--wealth, corporate ladder-climbing, new gadgets, fancy clothes, "romance," etc.--suddenly appear for what they really are: trivialities and distractions. They realize that true wealth, true contentment, true happiness is easily achieved for a true faggot. It is found with every Cock it worships, every Load pumped into its Cunt, every humiliation it suffers, every dollar of fag tax it pays. It is found in submission to Master and in service to Real Men according to Master's Will. 

Faggots honor and worship Me for this. As they should.


These are just some reasons and ways I am pro-faggot. There is one clearer proof still that is easy to see for anyone who wants to look. It's the faggots themselves. 

Ask those faggots that have chosen to submit and embrace their true faggot nature and purpose if they have any regrets. Would they go back to living the unsatisfying pre-faggot lie they once lived?


Do they truly find immeasurable reward in being used and abused by Real Men? In being sluts, whores, and faggot trash? In submitting to the Word and Will of Me, The Master?


They find freedom in this. A high purpose and meaning for living.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.