Rich, poor, Working Class, or Middle Class ... every faggot needs (and deserves) to learn its place and purpose in life: To sexually serve Real Men. To suck Cock. To get fucked. To take Cum. To be sluts for Real Men to use and fill as we see fit.

More moneyed faggots, though, require an additional discipline: They require Financial Domination to become the True faggots they are meant to be. Here's why ...


The rich and even so-called "Middle Class" faggot has a split personality. On one side it is a faggot. Deep down it knows it should be subjected to the Will of Real Men. It knows that its desires and pleasures are nothing, and the desires and pleasures of Real Men are everything. It knows it is inferior to Real Men. It knows it is weak and that its only real value is in being an object of pleasure for Real Men. It longs to be powerless because it knows--instinctively--that it IS powerless over the Will of Real Men. That true happiness is found in total surrender of Will to Real Men, the service of Man Cock, and in being filled with Man Cum.

On the other side the Moneyed faggot is, by nature of being well off, inappropriately invested with social power. A power it should not have, since real Power is inherent in and exclusive to, Real Men. 


Even if the faggot longs to be Mastered, Trained, Owned, Slutted, Used, Brainwashed, etc. ... if it is at all moneyed some part of it will invariably cling to an incorrect belief (programming) in its own intrinsic worth and value; and it may even harbor a secret or subconscious belief in its equality or even superiority over Real Men. 

This isn't entirely the Rich/Middle Class faggot's fault. Social programming has brainwashed nearly everyone to believe that wealth ownership reflects individual worth. And, by way of fact, it does invest one with Social Power (stolen from Working Class Real Men).

Because of this it is the RIGHT of any Working Class person to "exploit" the Exploiting Class (the Rich/Middle Class) through Economic Domination. When it comes to Real Men exploiting faggots ... doing so is even more important, and justified. 


The "Well-off" faggot, unlike poor or Working Class faggots, can never learn absolute obedience and service if they are not financially dominated. Lacking financial domination, it will consciously or unconsciously resist training and total submission. 

I see this often. Many moneyed faggots beg to be trained, abused, whored, used. Command them, humiliate them, punish them, reward them and they will be grateful. They will seem the very model of obedience. But then ... demand money, tribute, and witness their resistance! This resistance proves that they are not truly subjected to Master's Will, the do not truly believe they are inferior to Real Men, nor are they worthy of the Cock and Cum. They still cling to self-will. They have not surrendered. Thus ... and heed this well moneyed faggot trash ... I shall economically dominate and exploit you from day one.

For your own good. And, of course, because it is My Right as a Real Man and Master to do so.


While the happiness or contentment of rich and well off faggots is of NO concern to me, the fact is that by Financially Dominating them as part of their overall conditioning I am doing them a favor too. After all, like faggots of every social class, they long and need to BE the faggots they are meant to be. They long and need to be stripped down of their false, faggot faux will, and surrender to the Will of a Real Man. Control of money and equating it with personal value and power, is usually the greatest psychological barrier for wealthier faggots who want to be True faggots. And since true happiness for every faggot is found in Absolute Surrender of control to Real Men it is important to target those very aspects of any faggot's psyche that prevent it from surrendering total control.


The reasoning above, though sound, is ultimately moot. Why? Because no "reason," no "justification" is required for any Real Man--least of all The Master--to use and exploit any faggot. Any any and every way We, or I, deem appropriate. 

faggots are inferior and made to be used and exploited. The richer the faggot the more contemptible it is and the more pleasurable it is to exploit. That's reason enough to do it.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.