FagCredCoverThis is an outtake from The Faggot Bible. Read it, fags. Read it until you truly understand it. Embrace My truth, like obedient faggots. 


As a faggot credibility in the eyes of Real Men is all important. Cred as a faggot slut isn't something you can create overnight, but it is vital. Faggot cred evolves over time. It will grow as you put My training into practice.

As you serve more and more Cock, taking more and more Loads, making yourself regularly available to suck and be fucked ... Men will begin to notice and your faggot cred will grow organically. Many would-be faggots are flakes and dilettantes. Real Men remember and despise these. Conversely, Real Men take note of faggots who know their place, never flake, never say 'no,' and prove themselves Cum-greedy whores.

It's a positive cycle: The more of a slut you are, the more your faggot cred grows. The more your faggot cred grows, the more opportunities to be a slut you will have.

To develop any faggot cred at all you must memorize and absolutely commit to living the Eighth Faggot Commandment to memory:

Never, Ever, Ever Flake.

Yes, there may be limits on the days and times you can make your faggot holes available for Men to use and fill, but once you have declared a day or time that you will be available for use then you may not back out. If you announce that you will be at the adult bookstore from 3PM to 7PM Saturday, serving every Cock that wants serviced, then you will be there from 3PM to 7PM.

Faggot cred is difficult to acquire, but remarkably easy to lose. A single flake-out can undermine months of hard work building your reputation as a go-to, reliable CumSlut. Don't make that mistake.


Related to faggot cred is faggot karma. Make no mistake, faggot Karma exists. Whether you think of it literally or figuratively doesn't matter. Experience will confirm that it exists as you progress in living as a faggot. What is faggot karma and how does it work?

There is no simple way to define the law of faggot karma but it may be thought of thus: when you serve Real Men, more Real Men will allow you to serve them. The more Cocks you suck, the more Loads fucked into you, the more chances will arise for you to suck, get fucked and be filled.

Every time you decide to behave as a faggot is meant to behave--as a slut, a fuck-object, a hole--it's as if the universe itself listens and rewards you by making it easier and easier to find Men who will use, fuck and fill you. It's as if the Loads pumped down your throat or up your cunt act as a kind of "magnet" attracting more Cock and more Loads. Each fuck, every Load, increases your faggot magnetism. This is why you will sometimes see an average or even sub-average looking faggot in a sling at a bath house with one Man after another unloading, until the faggot's cunt is flooded and overflowing with Cum.

But there's another side of faggot karma as well. It's why you see "hot twink" faggots who seem hardly able to find Cock at all. Faggots who fail to be sluts--to seek out and serve Cock, wantonly and indiscriminately--seem to have the universe turn against them. It's as if Cocks and Loads are repelled from them.

So remember the law of faggot karma. Be guided by it. For faggots, the universe rewards slutty-effort ... and generously too. So strive for Cock and Cum, and you shall be rewarded with Cock and Cum an abundance. But be "picky," make excuses why you're not being a slut, or otherwise neglect your faggot duty to serve Men ... and the universe will withhold from you, and punish you. It will reward Cock and Cum to True Faggots, leaving you to wallow in desperate, unsatisfying fantasy.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.