fagselfesteemcover In The Faggot Bible I discuss common things faggots tell themselves as excuses for why they can never seem to become the sluts, whores, cumdumpsters and slaves they want to be. In short, why as faggots they keep failing to BE faggots.

Most common are excuses relating to low self-esteem issues of one kind or another. Whether it's that the faggot tells itself that it is too old, too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid or whatever ... the excuses are legion, and they are all cop-outs.

For the weak-Willed and inferior of every population, low self-esteem issues are, apparently, epidemic ... as evidenced by the multi-billion dollar Self-Help book industry. Within this massive herd of pathetic Sheeple, though, you self-loathing and insecure faggots are actually uniquely fortunate. For you, there is one simple key to immediately and permanently overcoming your whiney-bitch issues and finally become the true and total faggots you have always dreamed of being.


Here's the simple and effective key to overcoming your low self-esteem issues for good, faggots: Accept the fact that you have no "self" to esteem. Almost everything you've been conditioned to believe is you, is false. The only essential "you" is your faggot nature. And that nature is expressed by being nothing but an object for Real Men to use.

Consider the words of My foundational faggot mindfuck audio, Nothing But A Faggot Whore.

You are nothing but a faggot whore

You exist to serve Cock

You exist to be a fuckhole

You're a cumdumpster

You're a slut

Let the words sink in and the simple truth will soon reveal itself. As I write in The Faggot Bible:

You're self-esteem is irrelevant. You are a faggot and nothing but a faggot. You are a thing, and object, an it, that exists to be used as Men see fit."Self" doesn't matter. Esteem for your so-called-self matters even less. You may indeed be old, fat and ugly but when you embrace your faggot nature completely Men will use you, make no mistake. And yes, other Men will reject you. This is natural.

Think of yourself like a Fleshlight. The Fleshlight sits in a Man's drawer waiting for him to take it, slide his Cock into it, and Cum in it. When not being used the Fleshlight doesn't worry about whether or not it is attractive or desirable enough to be used. It simply exists to be used when the Man desires to use it. And it is always available to be so used, without excuses.

When you become a fuck-thing, like a Fleshlight, you will find freedom from the hang-ups that come with believing you are a person ... you will not have poor self-esteem, or strong self-esteem. You will no longer have a self at all. You will simply enjoy being an object and Hole fulfilling its natural function.


Maybe you are, or know, a mainstream homo that hasn't yet embraced its true nature and purpose as a faggot. Maybe in its day-to-day life it appears to be happy, educated, successful, and brimming with "self-esteem." In truth, this is just a facade. An illusion. A lie.

Behind that fake smile is a mass of self-doubt, self-loathing, anxieties and fears. It worries about growing old and ugly. It worries about its job. It worries about its credit rating. It worries about everything. Appearances notwithstanding, it is a miserable creature. Precisely because it is fixated on itself. What it hasn't yet realized is that true contentment and happiness for a faggot can never be found in itself. It is only, ever, found in serving Men. Serving Cock. Being a fuckhole. Being a cumwhore. Being a slut. Being a slave. 

Now contrast this with the true faggot. The faggot that has embraced My teachings and its destiny. Such a faggot may even be a physically, mentally, and financially bankrupt, ruined, diseased, piece of fuck-trash ... and KNOW it. But it is utterly content. In fact, it feels liberated and free because it has surrendered all hope and belief that it is or can ever be anything than what it is ... a faggot. Nor would it want to be anything else even if it could.

A faggot kneeling before Cock at a gloryhole, greedily guzzling Cocks and Cum. A faggot spending a night in a bath house sling as dozens of Men pump Load after Load into its quivering cunt. A faggot that spends its day slaving in a menial job so that it can surrender its paycheck to Master. A faggot serving Men as a human urinal. Such faggots--such true faggots as these--are never unhappy. They live in the bliss of subservience, slavery, sluttery and obedience. They have no self-esteem issues because they they have no self-respect. They have no self-respect because they have accepted that they have no self to speak of at all. They are merely and only faggots


Yes, be grateful faggot. Grateful for the fact that from now on you never again need worry about your "self esteem." Simply embrace your inferiority, embrace your status as an object and thing. Surrender to your natural inclination to worship Master and serve Real Men. Know that, even if you are in fact hideous, stupid, old, fat, skinny or otherwise un-fuckably disgusting that you can still find other ways to be a useful faggot

Then you will have something better than self esteem. You will have No-self esteem. The simple, powerful lasting contentment of knowing that you are fulfilling your natural function of worshiping Master and serving Real Men. That you are, indeed, nothing but a faggot.  


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.