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There are many good things about how permissive--sexually and otherwise--society has become. But there are clear downsides as well. One such downside is that faggots are now being taught that they are "equal," that they "normal," that they "just like everyone else." Many have embraced this, forsaking their authentic faggot nature to instead embrace the bland, moronic, sanitized, false life of Mainstream Homo Normality ... complete with monogamy, marriage, mortgages, white-picket fences, and miniature poodles (or, more commonly now, Pugs). This clamor by many faggots to join the growing ranks of a boring, hapless homo *bourgeoisie* is pathetic, and self-defeating. It's also patently misguided.

First, the faggot with even a sliver of sense should shun the very idea of being "normal" or "just like everyone else." Normal is painfully boring in any context. And with faggots even more so. Just consider the contrast between modern Gay mainstream life and the wild, debauched, sexually liberated frenzy of, say, the 1970s (from what I've read). Or contrast the plastic apparently pristine life of "that nice Gay couple down the street" with that of any faggot bath house whore or wanton Gloryhole Slut. Who really is happier? In My experience while the mainstream Homos put on a good show of appearances, behind closed doors they are as bored, sexually frustrated, and miserable as any 1950s housewife.


Not so the true faggot. The faggot slut. As it lays in a sling getting fucked and filled with one Load after another, its joy increases. Happiness for it is as close as the neighborhood Adult Bookstore. And while it may often struggle with same work-a-day stresses as almost everyone else, it is a remarkably resilient creature, and a disproportionately happy one too. This is because it doesn't take much to make a true faggot happy. Simply ... Cock and Cum. Being used. Sucking. Being fucked. Submission to the will and pleasure of Real Men.

Such a faggot is free precisely because it is living the only kind of life that is authentic for a faggot. It's not trying to force a square peg into a round hole with its desires and goals and life. It lives according to its true nature.

It knows it isn't "like everyone else" and would never want to be. It is grateful that it isn't "normal." As for being "equal" ...

The free faggot joins Real Men in laughing at this absurdity. The true, free faggot knows it is not "equal" to Real Men if for no other reason than that it recognizes that Real Men don't need faggots to be complete, but faggots always need Real Men to be complete. A faggot needs Cock, desperately. It needs Cum, desperately. It is a a fanatic worshiper of both. And it rejoices in submitting to those who can provide it with Cock and Cum. Namely, its natural superiors ... Real Men.

Happy is the faggot that knows its place and purpose. Free is the faggot that submits to its superiors. And while such faggots may be infinitely inferior to us, Real Men, they are nevertheless vastly superior to the run-of-the-mill, mainstream hapless homos.

Become a true faggot. Become My minion now ...


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I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.