A Faggot POV Post
By: CumHoleFuckPig

Ahhhh the Gay Bathhouse. The ultimate destination for Cumsluts and Slut-fucking Studs. Never been to one? No problem! Here's an insider guide to your first bathhouse experience.


If you're lucky enough to be in larger city with multiple bathhouses try them all, but I recommend making your first bathhouse experience as nasty and slutty as possible. This means finding the sleaziest Bathhouse available. How do you tell which is the sleaziest? Check out reviews on Squirt.org and elsewhere to see if it attracts raunchy Barebackers.

Check out the Bathhouse's website too. Some Bathhouses have "safe sex policy" which requires condoms. And while these are rarely enforced, you're more likely to find Barebackers at those Bathhouses that have no safe sex policy or an open policy when it comes to condoms.

Their website may also list special events and theme nights, like Black Out Night, Bear Night, Bi Night, or Cum Union Parties. Short of that, don't hesitate to call ahead to ask about the best and busiest times to get your slut on.


The smart faggot is a prepared faggot. That means there's a few things you'll need to bring along for your first bathhouse experience.


At the bathhouse you're nothing but a Cocksucker and a fuckhole for Men to use. Unless you were raised in a cave you already know to shower and brush your teeth. But before going, also make sure you're cunt is thoroughly douched as well.


Some Bathhouses only accept cash, so check their website and bring enough along. And no matter how old you are or look, bring valid ID. Depending on the state, some bathhouses have to be extra careful in covering their asses and won't let you in unless your ID is valid and current.


Bring flip-flops. Some bathhouses won't let you go barefoot, and you'll look like an idiot walking around in nothing but a towel (or nude) and sneakers. Even they do allow you to go barefoot, don't. You may get athletes foot or other nasties on your feet.


Yes, you already douched before leaving your place, but always bring along a mini-douche to use in the restroom as needed too.


After a few fucks your cunt is going be filled with the best lube of all: CUM. Plus, the Bathhouse sells lube. So, your own lube isn't really required but if you have a favorite type it's worth bringing along.


To put all your shit in, duh.


Condoms. Besides the fact that Bathhouses provide condoms free of charge, you're a slut and only take Loads Bareback, right? Yeah, sadly, some guys even at the nastiest Bathhouses will only fuck with condoms, but you shouldn't encourage that kind of behavior by bringing your own!



When you front desk or lobby, you'll show your ID, make your payment, and sign a liability waiver. Some Bathhouses allow you to pay each time, while others will require you to buy a membership.

You will be given a lock and directed to the lockers. You will also be given a towel. If you're "husky" ask for a large towel. No need to be embarrassed, they're used to that. Plus, you'll discover that there are many proud, nasty, chubs in bath houses, so you won't be alone.

Strip down, wrap the towel around your whore ass, put those flip-flops on, and lock your shit up. Then head to where the action is to begin your slutty adventures!


As a newbie your first Bathhouse experience may be a bit intimidating. Corridors with Men and other faggots wandering about, cruising, jacking off, and fucking right there for everyone to see. Just go with it. Don't be afraid to wander around a bit and explore. Some are even laid out with a maze-like quality to add to the fun. Here are common Bathhouse areas and features to look for.


When you signed in you may have been given an option to have your own private or semi-private room in addition to a locker. These are small rooms with a bed or cot for more private encounters, if you prefer. More often they're used by sluts that plan to be at the Bathhouse for a long time and want to take tons of anonymous Loads up their cunts.

You may not be ready to try this for your first bathhouse experience, but you'll definitely wanna try it eventually. Simply get your own room, lay face down on the cot, ass exposed, and door open. This signals an open invitation for all Men to fuck you, who want to fuck you. Just lay there for hours on end being a fuck-thing until your cunt is overflowing with Spunk! Mmmmm. Good times!


Personally, I think the sauna is largely a waste of space but maybe they're required for it to be called a "Bathhouse." It can be a good way to decompress after being fucked silly for a while. You might be able to tug a guy off there, but it's really too hot to do much else for too long.


Showers are often group affairs. Sometimes there's fucking and sucking there, but mostly they are for their actual purpose: cleaning off. That, and with some guys, showing off. But unless you have a shower-fucking fetish, there are plenty of better places in a Bathhouse to suck and fuck.


No Bathhouse is complete without a few slings or whole room full of slings. And no Bathhouse adventure is truly complete without getting sling fucked.

When I had my first bathhouse experience and saw my first sling I was exited and intimidate at once. I knew I wanted sling-fucked, but what are the rules? Do I just climb in and wait or what?

Yup! That's exactly what you do! If you see an empty sling, just climb in, put your feet in the stirrups, adjust your position until you are comfortable, and wait.

And you won't have to wait for long, either. When a fag is in the sling it sends a message that you are an all-access, no Cocks-refused, Cumdump whore. So if you're shy or uncomfortable about flirting or small talk, this is ideal.


Some Bathhouses have entire walls lined with Gloryholes. Just kneel down and suck off any Cock that slides through. Or try backing up to them for some nice anonymous Loads up your cunt!


These are areas that are open, often with couches or the like, where Men relax between fucks, watch porn, and fuck around with each other. If you're a confident bathhouse newbie, feel free to cruise here, or relax here and wait for someone to cruise you. Just don't try to push your way into any group action you may see here unless you get a signal that it's cool.


Dark rooms are awesome. They are what they sound like, dark. Very dark. Which means the sucking and fucking that happens here is the height of "anonymous" since you can't even see who you're sucking, or who is fucking you.

Especially if you are nervous, intimidated by the sling, or have body image issues, put the dark room at the top of your first bathhouse experience to-do list.

I was very insecure the first couple times of being a bathhouse slut, but after taking a few dozen anonymous Loads in the dark room I quickly got over it. You will too!

After all, in the dark room no one sees you and no one cares. You're just a mouth-hole and a cunt-hole to be used and filled up!


The lounge I'm talking about here isn't the same as the open area mentioned above. It's more of a real lounge, where guys get snacks, relax, and take a break from fucking.


You may be wondering what kinds of guys you can expect to find at Bathhouse. Is it all dirty, nasty old men? Bears? Leather Daddies? Built, tattooed studs? Twink sluts?

The answer is all of the above and more! If you think you are super hot, then you will find guys who are even hotter (and cockier). If you think you are too ugly, fat or old, you will find guys that are uglier, fatter and older still.

As as an aspiring Bathhouse slut, though, I say you shouldn't even think about the types of guys you will encounter. As FagMaster teaches, faggots don't have a right to be picky. As a real faggot you should happily welcome any Cock and any Load from any guy who wants to fuck your face or your ass. Right?

Plenty of guys aren't going to be interested in using you. Accept that fact before you even walk in the door. Some guys—even ones you'd never expect—will be very interested in using you too. Mark my words!

The key is to go with an open mind, mouth and cunt, ready and willing to be used. By anyone.

If you go, they will Cum. In you. And that's all that really matters! With that in mind, some final thoughts on ...


No guide to your first bathhouse experience would be complete without giving you pointers for how to cruise for sex, right? After all, that's what you're there for!

Actually ... wrong.

In fact since this post is for sluts or hopeful sluts that have little or no Bathhouse experience, I'm going to take a more practical approach here and explain why you shouldn't waste much time cruising. At least not at first.


Like I said, there are all types of guys at Bathhouses. This includes picky guys, guys who think they are too cool for school, and guys who simply won't find you fuckable. If you're a newbie slut trying to cruise the strange new environment of the Bathhouse can be intimidating enough. Being ignored or rejected is even worse, since it can cause you to wonder if you have what it takes to be a slut at all. Trust me ... you do have what it takes! Just follow ...


Why waste time cruising the Bathhouse and facing potential rejection when you can cut straight to the chase and get Cock inside of you with far less effort?

Can you guess how to do this from what I've already said? That's right ...

Stick with the Slings, Dark Rooms or Private Rooms. 

Crawl into the sling and wait for those Cocks and Loads. Go into the darkroom and wait for those Cocks and Loads. Or get yourself a private room, leave the door open, present that ass, and wait for those Cocks and Loads.

It's just that easy. Think of yourself as a revolving door Cumdump, a self-service fuck-hole. No need to worry about finding anyone. You're just there for the convenience of any guys that want a hole to use. Maybe only one or two guys will Breed you. Maybe a dozen will. Doesn't matter. Not if you have the right slut mindset, are patient, and grateful for any Load you get. Which, of course, you should be!


Becoming a serious slut takes determination, commitment and effort. The Building Bathhouse experience is one of the easiest and best ways to becoming a better Cocksucking, Cum-guzzling, Cumdumpster whore. Or, as FagMaster says, developing "fag cred."

Just keep in mind that not every Bathhouse adventure you have will be great. Some days it will be dead and boring. Other days ... it will rain Cock and Cum. Just keep going and keep slutting. The more you go, the more familiar you will become to other regulars too. They will know that you're a ready whore and the real deal. And you'll get used as much or more than even the "better looking" strutting peacocks who are more about showing off than serving Cock.

Most of all ... enjoy your first bathhouse experience for what it is: the beginning of an exciting new stage in your life as a faggot Cumwhore! Before long you will become addicted to being a bathhouse slut and wonder how you ever lived without it. Forests of Cock and rivers of Cum await you, my fellow faggots. Have fun!



CumHoleFuckPig is a masculine, No-Loads-Refused, Cumdump from Portland OR with a fetish for used condom cum, POZ Cum, gloryholes, being used, being slutted out, and being force fucked.

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