To speak of Gloryholes is to speak of faggots. To speak of faggots is to speak of Gloryholes. Why is this?

The answer lies in thinking about what a Gloryhole is and its purpose.

Superficially, a Gloryhole is simply a hole in a wall designed for Men to slide their Cocks through for the purpose of having their Cocks serviced anonymously, whether by a faggot's mouth or a faggot's cunt. But there's a deeper significance and meaning to Gloryholes understood only by the truest, sluttiest, of faggots, as well as by the Men who use them ...

At a Gloryhole the faggot is forced to focus exclusively on the physical expression and symbol of Masculine Power: Cock. The faggot realizes that it is not a person, but merely an object that exists for the pleasure of Cock. Insecurities, inhibitions, feelings of being "unattractive," limiting preferences in this or that "type" of Man, and everything else that may have once kept the faggot from being an indiscriminate Cock-serving CumSlut, suddenly evaporate at the Gloryhole. As if by magic. 


Watch the pros and learn, faggots.

This is because by obscuring the Man from the faggot and the faggot from the Man, the Gloryhole clarifies and highlights the proper role and function of the faggot in relation to superior Men. The faggot is reduced to nothing more than its whore mouth or whore cunt. In other words, the faggot becomes nothing more than an extension of the Gloryhole. Indeed, the faggot IS the Gloryhole.

Let that sink in, whores. 

The very instant a rock-hard Cock slides through the Gloryhole in invitation to be pleasured, the faggot instinctively understands its purpose in life. It knows in its whore bones that Cock is that purpose. Serving Cock. Pleasuring Cock. Being a hole for Cock. Any Cock. All Cock. Indiscriminately.    

As the faggot kneels in worship before Cock, or backs up to be fucked full of anonymous stranger Cum from Cock, the faggot knows without a doubt that its reason for being is indistinguishable from the Gloryhole's reason for being: To be penetrated. To be filled. To serve. And this, for the faggot, is a glorious and liberating revelation indeed.

Cock and Hole. Hole and Cock. This is the relationship between Man and faggot reduced to its very essence. And this is why every faggot must become a wanton Gloryhole whore if it hopes to be a true faggot.

Faggots that have never been to a Gloryhole, or those who wish to master the art of Gloryhole sluttery, can start by reading The Ultimate Gloryhole Guide, available in The Master's Shop, on the Main Menu.

But even if you can't buy the Ultimate Gloryhole right now, don't use that as an excuse. Find a Gloryhole now and make a slutty pilgrimage there immediately. Or Make Your Own Gloryhole and invite Men over to use you through it. Do not wait to serve Cock through Gloryholes. Do not hesitate to be the anonymous slut you are meant to be. Do not postpone your duty to Cock and destiny to be a Cumwhore a minute longer. Cock awaits you. Cum awaits you. The immeasurable pleasure of being used by Superior Men awaits you. 

So accept it. Embrace it. Serve Cock through a Gloryhole and ... Become a Gloryhole. 


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.