Most faggots want a Master. All fags, eventually, need one.

The problem is that most faggots don’t know how to go about finding a Master. Most don’t even seriously try. There’s no silver bullet for finding a Master, especially one that is perfectly suited to use, abuse, dominate, enslave and exploit you for all your worth.

In My Ebook Alpha/Beta: The Complete Hardcore Guide To Faggot Mastery & Slavery, I provide 12 key tactics that every faggot that aspires to slavery can use to find a Master. In this post I provide some additional tips to help put you whores and wanna-be slaves on the right path, while improving your odds of success.


This may sound counter-intuitive, but don’t focus too much on finding your ideal Master. Of course you should look and have profiles that reflect your desire to be a faggot slave. But your first job is to be a faggot whore that serves as Many Cocks and as many Men in as many ways as subhumanly possible.

The more of a slut you are, the more Cocks you suck, the more gloryholes you take anonymous Loads through, the more nights you spend at the bath house … then the more faggot cred you build. The more practical slut experience in filthy faggotry you gain. And, ultimately, the more likely that the right Master will find you.

Never, ever, postpone your duty as a faggot to serve any and every Superior Alpha who wishes to use you by making the excuse that you are waiting for the perfect Superior Alpha. Tell yourself that until you find your perfect Master, EVERY Alpha you serve—however briefly—is your temporary Master.


This naturally flows from following Tip 1. Too many aspiring slaves want a Master to do all the work of making them into slaves. This makes sense at first, because so many faggots need a firm hand to show them their place and purpose in life (to serve Superior Alpha Men). But because there are so many faggots out there for every Alpha, it’s just not practical. For us Masters it’s is a buyers market. Fags are a dime a dozen.

So if you want a Master you have to think of being a slave like normals think of getting their dream job in a tough economy—a job with tons of others competing for the same position.

For a minimum wage job with little competition, an applicant might get away with saying, “I don’t have much experience, but I’m a fast learner!” Not so if it’s a six-figure job requiring specialized skills. With a job like that, you have to master the needed skills and knowledge first. You have to work hard  just to be considered for an interview.

Being faggot slave is your dream job. Treat it as such. Study hard, and practice learning slave-appropriate skills.

As a faggot who has discovered My site, and My teachings, you already have an advantage here over 90% of other faggots. From The Faggot Bible to Alpha Beta, all My mind-fuck audios, to all My posts like this one … you have the equivilent of a fucking Masters Degree in faggotry at your very fingertips. Take advantage of that, stupid whores. With few exceptions, discriminating Masters today expect a potential faggot slave already have slut experience and a basic set of slave-appropriate skills. Aquire these and THEN We’ll gladly force you to grow beyond that experience and those skills.


I address the importance of a “slave uniform” in Alpha/Beta, but it bears repeating here since so few faggots seem to get how important having slave gimp-gear is, both psychologcally and practically.

Men are visually oriented, and want to see a faggot slave that looks the part. The “style” can differ for different faggots: from sissy-slut outfits, to leather hoods and body-harnesses, to full on vinyl gimp-outfits. Choose which ever look feels right … the one that your faggot instinct tells you best reflects the kind of faggot you are, and the kind of slave you want to be.

Of course, buy your gear at MY store too, whores. The Faggot Store


One of the main reasons Alphas don’t give most faggots the time of day when they beg to be slaves is that all of Us have learned from irritating experience that most faggots are either fakes, flakes or fantisists. Especially fantisists.

While faggots are stupid cunts, I actually don’t think most of you are insincere in your desire to be slaves. To be used for all your worth. To be brutally fucked like rag-doll Cumwhores. To be misused, demeaned, humiliated and exploited. No … I DO think you want that, and need it to. BUT … only to a point (despite what you tell yourselves). And everything beyond that point, is just fantasy.

You say you want a Master who will organize a twelve-Man gangrape when you’ve never even been fucked in the cunt before? Good goal, whore, but get real. Get back to Me after you’ve first, say, had twelve Men fuck you separately, or been tag-teamed by two Men.

You say you want to be used as a subhuman urinal for three hours but have never even tasted piss? Fuck off, dreamer. Start drinking your own inferior faggot piss, and then maybe you’ll be worthy of superior Man-piss.

You say you want total financial domination and ruination … so long as it doesn’t damage your credit score? It doesn’t work that way, cunt.

You need to get clear on what you really, really, want in slavery, faggot. Of course you want a Master that will force you to go WELL beyond your comfort zone and who doesn’t give a shit about your wants and needs. And We love doing that. But We also HATE faggots that back out, chicken out, or copout just when our Mastery is starting to get most painful for you, and entertaining for Us.

So think about where you REALLY are in your faggot and slave development. From there figure out what your limits really are going to be. Don’t bullshit yourself because this will mean bullshitting your future Master … which is unacceptable to the extreme. 

So, be honest with yourself. And, be honest with Him too.  

And remember: Knowing what your current limits are doesn’t mean you will never be able to reach your dream of full, total, and totally brutal slavery. It will actually help your future Master help/make you reach that goal ... one slave-step at a time.


This is another one from Alpha/Beta that deserves repeating because so many of you dumbfuck faggots can’t seem to get it. We’re in a fucking digital age, bitches, so your online image is all-important if you want to find a Master. Your profiles are your resumes, and they need to be done right. Don’t half-ass it. I already offer techniques for this in The Faggot Bible and in Alpha/Beta, so I’m not going to describe it again here. Just remember, if your profiles and hookup ads are half-ass, then We Alphas are going to know that you are half-ass in your desire to be a Slave. Simple as that.


I know you feel totally desperate to be enslaved by a Brutal Master. This is natural for a faggot. But don’t fucking trumpet that desperation when speaking with potential Masters, especially online.

A good faggot slave isn’t like some 14 year old girl fawning over the lead singer of a boy band. We Master’s HATE that irritating shit. No. Your words and actions should reflect a proper Slave Demeanor: Simple. Clear. Receptive. Respectful. Honest. Humble. Open.

Always address your Superior as “Sir.” Don’t be afraid to ask questions initially, but focus more on answering HIS questions. Don’t ramble on about what you want, how much you want it, and how willing you are to prove it. Say what you are seeking, but be  simple about it. If He asks for more details, offer them. But don’t ramble on like a pathetic bitch.

One simple way to get a feel for how much the Alpha wants to hear is so obvious that it’s often missed by stupid faggots in their desperation to gain the Alpha’s interest. It is this: Look at how long His messages are, then reflect that in the length of your response. Not exactly, as that would be stupid. But if He writes a one sentence question, answer with one or two sentences … not with one or two paragraphs. If he writes a paragraph, feel free to make your response about a paragraph or less.    


It never ceases to amaze Me how many faggots want to have their slave cake and eat it too. They want to be used and abused in every possible way … short of “having to pay for it.”

This is foolish, and it also shows a total misunderstanding of Fag Tax, aka, Tribute.

Here’s the deal, whores: You may find a Master who doesn’t demand your money. But you won’t find many who will refuse to take it if offered. Like I already pointed out, and you already know, competition for Our attention is stiff between you pathetic wretches. When a faggot shows that it is ready and willing to pay Fag Tax to its Master, the faggot immediately proves that it’s far, far, more serious about being a slave than faggots that don’t.

Fag Tax isn’t “paying for it,” either. It’s not, repeat not, an “exchange.” It’s something the slave does for its own sake, as a sign of surrender, obedience, self-humilation, and respect. The slave may hope for reward, but it never expects it. The reward is in the sacrificing and suffering which comes from paying Fag Tax itself, and in knowing the faggot has contributed to improving the comfort and lifestyle of a Superior Alpha.     


Finally, the flip-side of Tip 4 is to take what you can get. Yes, you should know what you want, and be clear about that, but only the stupidest of stupid faggots who aspire to slavery will turn down a Master who isn’t into what the faggot most “wants.”

Remember, Tip 4 was more about not biting off more than you can chew, and not starting what you can’t finish. It was NOT about avoiding aspects of slavery that don’t “turn you on.” As a faggot, what turns you on, and what you desire, is entirely secondary to what turns the Alpha on and what He desires. This is all the more true of Master-Slave dynamic.

So, for example, you really want a Master who is going to turn you into a gangfucked Cumdumpster whore, and you’re not very into being a subhuman faggot urinal. But you encounter a brutal bastard Alpha online that says He’s just looking for a faggot gullet to piss into sometimes. You better jump on that golden-shower opportunity, faggot.

Until you find your ideal Master, most of your slave experiences are going to be more limited and short-term. But these are invaluable learning experiences for you. Each one adds to your fag cred and slut skills. Each one basically strengthens your slave resume.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.