cuminjectcoverIn the simplest terms, faggots have two primary functions:

1. To be fuck-objects. Their mouths, throats, and cunts serving as pleasure-holes for Cock. 

2. To be Cumdumpsters. Their bodies used as as holes for depositing Man Cum.

In most cases these two functions are so closely linked that the faggot may forget the distinction. This is because once a faggot's mouth or cunt have successfully pleased a Cock, it is immediately rewarded with Cum shooting down its whore-throat or up its ravenous whore cunt.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes important to draw a line between the two faggot functions to remind the faggot that--whether or not it is fucked or given the pleasure of of serving Cock--it is still and always will be a mere hole for Cum. Cum isn't just a reward for Cock-service. Cum, for a faggot, is a reward in itself.

An important way of remind faggots of this is to deny them Cock for a period of time, and instead just inject Cum into the faggot.

When injecting Cum into a faggot it is important to plan ahead. You must have a sufficient amount of Cum saved (frozen) so that once injected into the faggot's cunt it will become a Cum-sloppy mess so leaving no doubt in the whore faggot's mind that it is, quite literally, a Cumdumpster.

Cum should not be that of only a single Man, either. Instead it should be collected from diverse sources. Fellow Real Men may be willing to contribute to your Cum-fund once you explain what you are using it for. The faggot itself must be put to work collecting Cum as well. Particularly, it should be sent to adult bookstores, parks, bath houses, and other locations to collect discarded Cum-filled condoms.

cumwhoreholeThe injection may be literal, using a lube-injector or turkey-baster. Alternately, you may use a funnel and pour the Cum into the faggot.

In either case, the faggot should lay face down when having the Cum injected or funneled into it. While filling the faggot with Cum, it should be reminded over and over again that it is nothing but a Cumwhore, a hole, a faggot whore. The faggot's cunt should be sealed with a butt-plug so that none of the Cum escapes. As the faggot lays there it must ponder the fact that the DNA of dozens, even hundreds, of random Men is slowly absorbing into its inferior body. At the same time, the truth of of its abject whorishness will sink deep into the faggot's psyche.

Finally, pictures or vids of the Cum-injection session should be made for the future humiliation of the faggot or to simply serve as a record and proof that the faggot is a slut cum-whore and always will be ... just in case the faggot ever dares forget that fact and try to "reform."


At this point some faggots may whine, "But I don't have a Master willing to do this to me!"

This, of course, is a cop out. My training is unique in being designed for a digital age where distance is dissolved. There is no limit to the reach of My Mastery. Thus, a faggot may (and must) pursue the above course of action on its own ... knowing that I am directing it from afar. As it collects Cum from used condoms, it does so in My name. As it injects the Cum into its own Cunt, it reminds itself that My Will has made this happen. And, most of all, because of My faggot mindfuck audios, it will hear My voice penetrating and filling the deepest recesses of its faggot mind even as the Cum of all those Men fill its body.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.