For a faggot, freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom. The more freedom a faggot has the less happy it is. Consider your own pathetic life if you doubt this. Daily you are confronted with innumerable decisions and choices on what to do and how to live. The result is unrelenting anxiety, frustration, disappointment and, eventually, a growing sense of futility, desperation and even misery.

This is all because you fail to live according to your nature. As a faggot you are by nature an inferior, subject, creature. Yours is the slave-mind. Real Men, on the other hand, are by nature superior, dominate beings. Ours is the Master-Mind.

The truly content faggot is, then, is one that embraces its slave status and surrenders its freedom to those who are alone qualified to choose and decide for it: Real Men. Freed from the shackles of freedom, you soon discover a different, more enjoyable kind of freedom. The freedom of a slave that has no concerns beyond pleasing its Master and serving Him well.

It's the freedom of knowing that the only thing you as a faggot slave really require for happiness is to simply suck Cock, be fucked, be abused, be used and submit fully to the Will of Real Men.

Thus, strive not to be "free," faggots. Strive to be more and more enslaved. And thereby find your true and only freedom.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.