When in the presence of Alpha Men, the faggot must exhibit the proper demeanor. Eyes downcast, quiet, cautious, and in all ways respectful. Understand, however, that the demeanor is but a reflection of an internal, mental and emotional, state of being. It is the natural disposition of a faggot that has learned its proper, subservient, place; its inferior status; and the innate superiority of Real Men.

Unfortunately, because faggots today have been wrongly taught to believe they are equals to Real Men, most have sublimated their instinct to lower themselves before Alphas. They must be re-taught, re-conditioned--stripped of their false pride and returned to their natural state. It is the right of Alphas to do this by any means We deem necessary. Verbal and physical abuse, humiliations, shaming, extortion, force-fucking, gangbanging, slapping, chaining, caging, pissing on the faggot or in its mouth. Whatever it takes to make the faggot learn to at once fear, respect, and adore its Superiors. And to have a demeanor which reflects this. A faggot subjected to these correctives should be profoundly grateful to the Alpha for His generous instruction.   


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.