Look upon these images, faggot. They are images of treasure, sacred relics, for the inferior likes of you.

Master's Old Boots. Broken and worn and worthless ...

But worth more than you, faggot.

Master's sweat-soaked and Cum-crusted socks ...

You're not worthy even to have me shove them into your faggot whore mouth. 

Master's overpoweringly rank, worn out Vans ...

Imagine me forcing them over your nose and making you breath the rancid foot-sweat odor until you pass out. Imagine it, because that's all you can do. Unworthy as you are, faggot. 

A few Loads of Master's Cum in a condom ... 

I injected every drop up a WORTHY faggot's cunt. 

Dream of licking Master's boots.

Dream of being smothered in powerful odor of Master's Vans. 

Dream of gagging on Master's sweat and Cum soaked socks.

Dream of Master's Cum.

Dream of being declared a Worthy faggot by Your Lord and Master.

Then ... stop dreaming and strive to become more worthy in reality.

Through acts of obedience, acts of humiliation, acts of sluttery, acts of service, acts of Tribute.

For it is only faggots that move beyond their fantasies and dreams and strive to prove themselves who earn My rewards. Heed that, whores.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.