Master's CUM


As a faggot you you have no Cock. Only a worthless faggot clit. You have no "Cum" but only clit leakage. So ...

Memorize this:

True Cock belongs only to Real Men.

True Cum flows only from True Cock. 

This is one reason you so desperately long for Cum--True Cum. And why you Worship Cock as the ultimate expression of Manhood. As a faggot you exist only to serve Real Men and--having no intrinsic value of your own--you hunger desperately for True Cum to infuse you with Essential Value --- the Value of Manhood. 

Bold this image. Gaze upon it as if it were a holy icon. For you, faggot, it is just that. It is an image of True and Perfect Cum. Master's Cum

Know that you are worth less in yourself than even the IMAGE of Master's Seed. Know this completely. When you do then you will begin to understand why you must Worship even the image and the Idea of Cum as things superior to yourself. 

And the image and Idea of Master's Cum most of all.

Would-be faggots might look upon this image and be merely aroused. They will only perceive a massive condom bulging with a dozen Loads of Cum. They will desire it, surely. But that is all.

For the True faggot, and even the faggot in the process of becoming a True faggot, this image is much, much more significant. Yes, you will see the condom and long (desperately) for the Loads of Cum it contains. But you will perceive a supreme and potent symbol of your faggot-purpose.

You will indeed worship it, visualizing having all this Cum poured down your faggot throat or injected up your Cum-starved faggot Cunt. You will thereby begin to attract the very thing they lack and so desperately need.

Allow the image to flood your faggot-mind in worship, and it will soon follow that your faggot body will be flooded with True Cum itself. 

You live for Cock.

You Live For Cum.

You Live for Master.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.