This area is for members only. Only true faggots who have proven themselves worthy by becoming My minions may enter.  Think that's you, whore? Then keep reading ...


Here's where you're probably expecting me to "sell" you on why you should whip out that wallet and Tribute your hard earned money to Me. But that's not how I roll, faggot. Because in all likelihood I don't even want your sorry ass as My minion.

The only faggots I now waste My time with are those who already understand that what a faggot wants doesn't matter. The kind of slavish, groveling faggots that love to pay Me fag tax, and amuse Me by degrading themselves, with no expectation of anything in return. Period.

So, if you're SERIOUS, about being My faggot minion, remember that. And expect the following ...

Humiliation/Exposure – My minions who submit humiliation pics and vids can get exposed online where millions of Men can see how pathetic some fags can be.  

Being Cash Raped - My favorite faggots are those with deep wallets who love to suffer from My brutal financial domination. A faggot slave works and suffers to make Master's life more comfortable.  

Being Ignored - Sometimes I love ignoring stupid faggots for weeks on end, just to torture and test them. Plus, it makes pathetic faggots work harder to please Me. Remember: You're here for MY amusement, I'm not here for yours, slut. 

Being Banished - Whenever I get bored with a faggot, want to test it, or it's no longer useful to me I'll usually banish it. I don't like having too many faggots here at one time, so I'm regularly culling the whore herd.

Wondering if I reward My faggot minions in any way too? Keep wondering. That's for them to know and for you to find out. Once you PAY ME, cunt. 


I don’t issue refunds to pathetic faggots. Consider Tribute a fag tax or donation, cunt. 

And don't even TRY to pay unless you are over 18 years old.