I have great news for you pathetic faggot pieces of shit.

First, my much anticipated new Ebook, Ultra Faggot, is now available. I’ve also released updated and expanded editions of both The Faggot Bible and The Ultimate Gloryhole Guide.


As a followup The Faggot Bible, Ultra Faggot is an Advanced guide and is for Extreme faggots only. In it I lay out principles, techniques and strategies to help faggots reorient their very psyches and lives towards absolute, total, devotion to Cock and service of Real Men.  So if you’re just an aspiring faggot, or half-ass wanna-be faggot that doesn’t already understand that faggots exist to serve Man and Cock, then don’t start off with this book. Start first with the new and updated Faggot Bible.


The next bit of news will make your little faggot clits wet with excitement. Before, I only made My mind-fuck audios available to My Personal Minions, and deliberately priced My ebooks prohibitively high for non-minions. Because many faggots are too poor to be worth exploiting, this meant that most could never afford the Tribute required to become My Minions and therefore haven’t been able to benefit from My teachings and brutal-audio-brain-fucking.

Until now.

As you will see when checking out THE MASTER’S SHOP at the top of the page, I’ve decided to make all My ebooks available to any faggot, Minion or not, for only $24.99. And all My faggot mind-fuck audios available for only $19.99. For a now, at least.


If you foolishly dare imagine that I’ve turned soft on you whores and am being “kind,” think again, cunts. I’m only doing this so I can extract more money from you wretches and, more importantly, because I feel it My duty to other REAL MEN to inspire more faggots to BE the faggots they they are meant to be. Sluts and slaves that exist to serve Us. I want every Real Men to have more faggot fuck-toys, abuse whores, urinal-mouths, and slaves than they know what to do with. I want more Real Men to discover their right to use faggots for all they are worth and in any way they want. To accomplish this means more faggots must first learn their place. And with My ebooks and audio mind-fucks, that’s just what will happen.

So have at it, faggots. Download. Read. Listen. Learn. Submit. Embrace your true existence as Cock slaves and Cumwhores.


I expect heavy traffic on the store after this announcement, and while I don’t anticipate any problems, if for some reason you cunts have any problems downloading the files after purchase, don’t panic and cry like bitches. Just email Me at to let Me know. Once I’ve confirmed your purchase, I will simply email the file(s) to you. But, again, I don’t imagine this will be a problem.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.