It pleases me that more and more young faggots--18 to 20-somethings--are becoming sluts, fuckholes, objects ... they are realizing that their purpose in life is to worship Cock, and serve Real Men like fuck-hole Cum-whores. Starting young means less of their lives are wasted pretending that they are anything but objects that exist only to serve their Superiors; instead they embrace their purpose early, and by doing so are fortunate enough to have far more Cocks fuck their faces and throats than they would have had they started being faggots later in life.

So, this is a good trend. Yet ... often ... I enjoy brainwashing and training older faggots more than younger ones. Middle aged ones, in their late 50's to early 60's especially. Below are some reasons why. Reasons that aren't universal to every older faggot, but are common to many.


They have lived long enough to fail at many things, many times. Often dramatically. Failed marriages, failed businesses, failed dreams. They are past their prime, which usually means no one wants to fuck their often bloated, pasty, disgusting bodies. Even their worthless flaccid little pricks fail them.

Those faggots who by mainstream standards seem to be successes--with tons of money, great jobs, etc.--are haunted by the most profound failure of all: years and years of living a lie, pretending they were Real Men, while fleeing from their True faggot nature.

As experienced failures, older faggots have less barriers. They are easier to train and brainwash ... because they are finished lying to themselves and fleeing their destiny.


I mentioned that the many failures of older faggots means they have fewer barriers to training and brainwashing. But it goes beyond failure. Because they grew up in a pre-internet age they repressed many of their filthy desires. They have mental baggage in excess, neuroses in abundance, and demons by the score. This means there is more leverage with which to Mind-fuck them. It pleases me to make playthings of their broken little minds ... to twist their desires and fears. To break them.


While many young faggots want to be degraded, humiliated and abused for many it's more about their enjoyment of the process. It's merely a fetish. With older faggots it's usually much, much more than that. They deeply despise themselves, and rightly so. This self-loathing causes them to want humiliation and abuse, but fear it at the same time. The tension between these two competing desires means that humiliating and abusing older faggots is not only more effective (in breaking them) but also far more enjoyable (for Me).


On average most have more money than young faggots. They've climbed into the Cunt Middle Class or higher. Like many others, they've squandered money in a vain attempt to fill the void of their false-life with toys, cars, nicer houses, and distractions. Yet they remain empty.

Then they are drawn to Me.

I take their money, laughing all the while at their stupidity and weakness.

Yet ... in return they receive from Me a treasure of inestimable value: I show them what they REALLY are. I MAKE them become what they must become: FAGGOTS. Completely and forever.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.