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The primary focus of My writing and training is in guiding faggots to understand their proper place and purpose in life as sexual objects that exist for Men to use. It is to awaken faggots to their true nature as fuck-holes, sluts, Cumdumpsters and whores. The question may be asked, then, what does humiliating and degrading faggots have to do with this? The arguments for why it is important to humiliate and degrade faggots are similar to those for why MUST be financially dominated and exploited. In short, to break them of false conditioning.

In My post, Free Faggots vs. Hapless Homos, I describe this false conditioning as faggots "being taught that they are 'equal,' that they 'normal,' that they 'just like everyone else.'" I then explain why any faggot with an ounce of sense should reject this conditioning and delight in embracing the slut faggot lifestyle and its true faggot nature. But this is often easier said than done ...


 Most faggot have experienced years of intense media brainwashing and social conditioning to make them reject their true desires, their true nature, and their true purpose. Indeed, this was part of the implied bargain struck between the Gay Mainstream and Society at large: 

"We will now accept you faggots into the larger social fold," said Society to the fags, "But only if you tone it down, stop being whores and sluts, embrace monogamy, embrace normalcy, embrace our values." 

Thus, so many faggots are now just lavender-tented, vacuous clones. Instead of Stepford Wives, they are Stepford Fags.

Faggot humiliation is a method--a kind of shock treatment--the helps wake faggots up from that Stepford slumber by reminding them of their proper place as subjects, objects, tools, slaves, sluts, whores, holes, and fuck-things. When a faggot kneels to become a human urinal for Men to piss on or in, it knows it isn't equal or normal. When a faggot wears humiliating clothes, puts on a chastity device, or scrawls degrading words over its body like "Whore," "Slut," "Faggot Trash," and "Cumdumpster" it knows it isn't equal or normal. It begins to wake up to its true nature.


Relative to that of Real Men, what faggots want and desire is of no importance. Faggots exist to fulfill the wants and desires of Real Men. Period. But that is not to say that faggots can't enjoy being humiliated and degraded. In fact--much to the confusion and chagrin of the prudish hapless homo mainstream--most faggots very quickly start delighting in this part of their training ... probably because, for many, it's the first time they've ever been truly honest about their desires and their nature. Their false, conditioned, ego is stripped away with each humiliation and degradation. So that all that remains is FAGGOT.


While it is true that humiliation serves a real purpose in faggot training; and while it is true that faggots love being humiliated; ultimately these aren't necessary to justify faggot humiliation. The only justification required for humiliating faggots is that it pleases us Real Men to do so. It is amusing to use faggots for cheap entertainment. It is our right to humiliate faggots. We require no other reason than that We are Real Men, faggots are faggots, and faggots must do what We command.

The desire of Real Men is Life for the faggot.

The Will of The Master is Law for the faggot.

Embrace your destiny. Become the TRUE Faggot slave and slut you are meant to be. Pay Tribute now, whore, and become My faggot minion ...

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I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.