Faggots are by nature slaves, so it makes sense that so many of you whores dream of being completely owned, chained, caged, or imprisoned by a Brutal Master who will use you as a fuck thing, Cum-hole, urinal, or otherwise abuse the shit out of you.

Realities are rarely as pleasant as the fantasies, however. So  answer this question:

If given the chance to enter fully into slavery to a Brutal Alpha Master for 1 year, would you accept?

When answering keep the following in mind:

1. Assume that you quit your job and that no one important will notice or care about your unexplained absence for the year.

2. You will never be seriously injured but you will otherwise be entirely subject to His whims and Will. He will regularly fuck your face or your cunt. He will regularly whore you out to random Men as a gangrape hole. He and any Men he invites, may piss on you or down your throat. He will humiliate and abuse you without mercy. In other words it will be a year of relentless, merciless fucking, pissing and abuse. You will experience more Cock and Cum than you ever imagined possible.

3. When not being used you are chained and/or imprisoned in a dark dungeon cell with a water dish and dog bowl of gruel. Constant brainwash audio may be pumped into your isolation cell too. Your basic waste and hygiene needs (toilet, shower, etc.) will also be met, to keep you fuckable.

4. You will have no contact with the outside world for the duration. And no chance of escape. Once you commit, there's not backing out. 

5. Once your year of slavery is over, you are given the choice to be kicked out the door to pick up the pieces of your shattered life, or to become enslaved permanently.

So, how much do you REALLY want to be a slave, faggot? Be honest, whores ...



Really Real? I kinda doubt it. But this site is definitely hot enough to earn My FagMaster seal of porn approval either way. Check it, whores. 


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.