FaggotATMSome faggots need to be used and exploited for all they are worth. And then some. It's good for Master, but it's also good for the faggots because it teaches them to accept and embrace their true faggot nature and life purpose: TO SERVE REAL MEN. 

Faggots need, and want, to be freed from the shackles of their false egos and lives so that they can become the abject sluts, whores, fuck-tools and Cumholes, and Cash-Slaves they are meant to be. 

But those that require more--those who have been strongly conditioned to value their own desires above those of Real Men, or that are too invested in their sense of "self"--are simply begging to be ruined, whether they know it or not.

And it's a delight to oblige them.

Like marionettes these faggots dance to My diabolical tune, rarely knowing where they are being led. I mind rape them. I play with their fears, I manipulate their desires, I exploit their weaknesses. I take their money, I degrade them, humiliate them, I command them to be whores, and violently uproot their false egos. I make them SLUTS, I brutally penetrate their minds, and--of course--I rape their bank accounts too. 

All the while they praise Me, and beg for more. Like the pathetic faggot whores they are. 

Their lives begin to crumble around them. Slowly, imperceptibly, at first ... until the day comes when they look around and find themselves in absolute and total ruin. Bankrupt of everything, including their egos. Like the worst crackhead, they are made helpless, hopeless, broke, desperate, and despised Faggot Trash.

And then ...

They praise Me even more. They worship Me and thank Me for utterly ruining them. Because then and only then do they finally realize that everything destroyed was false. And all that remains for them now is the only authentic thing about them and all they ever ever truly were: faggot. Pure, complete, absolute, irredeemable, faggot. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But even if that weren't the case ... I'd still ruin select faggots. For the sheer entertainment of doing so. And to demonstrate the nature of Real Power. A Power that demonstrates My superiority and that of all Real Men over weak and pathetic faggots.

Ready to be ruined, faggot? Yeah, I thought so. Then ...

Embrace your destiny. Become the TRUE Faggot slave and slut you are meant to be. Pay Tribute now, whore, and become My faggot minion ...

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I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.