Faggot Slave

Most fags say they want to be slaves to a brutal Alpha Master. Some even think they are ready for it. Few, though, really are. Being a true faggot slave--a completely owned whore-bitch-object--rarely plays out like it does in fantasy. 

Serious Masters push their slaves to their physical, emotional, and mental limits ... and then beyond those limits until nothing remains of the faggot's former self. Until the faggot is nothing but putty in Master's cruel and abusive hand, to shape according to His Will .

Yes, Serious Masters BREAK their faggot slaves. Because a faggot slave isn't truly a slave until it is broken. That ... and because it is simply entertaining to lead faggots into a black pit to abject subservience and total ruination. To use them, whore them out, gang-fuck them, piss on them, slap them around, fuck the shit out of their little minds, abuse, brutalize, exploit and expose them ... and more.

So ... are you ready to find out what your slave potential really is, faggot? Good, bitch. Take My Slave Aptitude Test Now ... 


How Slutty are you already? (Take The Slut Quiz and then respond).
Do you have any experience being a sex slave?
Do you crave humiliation?
Does a Master have the right to order His slave Pozzed?
Do you have strong ties with family and/or friends?
How old are you, faggot?
How is your overall health and stamina?
What's your education level?
Regardless of your formal education level, how would you honestly rate your intelligence?
Do you suffer any chronic pain, such as back, neck or knee pain?
Do you crave Man-Piss and serving as a faggot urinal?
What's your experience with childhood bullying? Choose the closest answer. 
If it became legal tomorrow, and you could choose your Master, would you really sell yourself into total sexual slavery? 
Have you ever been Raped or Gangraped?
Do you have a high pain threshold?
Would you say you are easily manipulated?
Does a Master have a right to control a slaves money and bank accounts?
Do you fear any of the following: The dark, enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), or sensory deprivation?
Look around ... is your house or apartment comfortably furnished?
Do you Bareback?
Is it reasonable for a slave to expect rewards for obedience?
What has been your feelings towards/relationships with Authority figures (Father, Police, Bosses, etc.)?
Slap yourself across the face as hard as you can, then hit the Next button. Do it, faggot. NOW!
... Did you really slap yourself across the face as I commanded, faggot?
Have you ever been fucked in a sling, Bareback?
Have you ever been tag-teamed or Gangbanged, Bareback?
What is your honest response to these words: "You are an inferior, filthy, piece of faggot filth!"
Do you use Meth?
Do you take anti-depression and/or anti-anxiety medication?
Do you regularly work to improve your slut skills? (Cunt training with dildos, overcoming gag-reflex, etc.)
Do you ever tell, ask or beg Men to stop fucking you when it hurts too much?
Have you ever licked a Man's feet, boots or shoes?
While reviewing your Slave Contract you discover that after every shit you must lick your Master's dirty asshole clean. Do you sign?
Have you read The Faggot Bible?
Does a Master have a right to punch, kick and otherwise beat His faggot to the point of tears, pain and bruising (but not to the point of serious injury, broken bones, etc.)?
Would you say you are Addicted To Cum?
Do you truly feel that your main purpose in life is to be a faggot Slut that exists to serve Men and Cock?
Has a Real Man ever slutted or whored you out? 
Do you own any Chastity Devices and/or Gimp Gear (masks, vinyl or leather outfits, etc.) for the purpose of being an anonymous slut faggot?
You discover that your Master sometimes likes to put out cigarettes on your chest, thighs or stomach. That wasn't in the Slave Contract. What do you do, faggot?
Master delights in degrading you by sometimes paying the most disgusting, ugly, reeking homeless Men to fuck your face and your cunt. What are you thinking when this happens?
Are you prepared for a Master to take pics and videos of you being a whore a slut and a debased slave, then post them online to expose you for the filthy faggot subhuman you are?
Besides physical slavery, does the idea of having your very mind and personality fully enslaved through complete and non-reversible brainwashing appeal to you?  
Are you prepared to live on a meager diet of wretched tasting gruel (that you eat from a dog dish)?
Are you truly and totally convinced that you are not a Real Man, and that you are fundamentally inferior to Real Men?



I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.