Hello sir, This year for pride I have admitted to the fact that I'm a Faggot, and that I'm never happy unless I'm being fucked and filled with cum or piss. My question is, is there something wrong with the idea that I only like to service smelly masters. I only get turned on by musky smelling dick balls and pits. When I pay to be used I am not happy unless I find the dirtiest boy in the park I cruse. Do I need to break this habit because I would like to be able to take more cum and piss.


First off, "congratulations" for admitting to yourself that you are nothing but a faggot whore. It pleases Me that more and more faggots are "coming out" as shameless, degenerate fuck-objects, embracing Slut Pride, and accepting the fact that the only true happiness for a real faggot is in being used by Superior Alpha Men. You've taken the first step. 


It makes sense that you are especially turned on by the potent smell of ripe, musky, Men. The pheromones that Men give off "activate" the most primal, animal, desires in the faggot brain. The desire for Cock. The desire for Cum. The desire to submit and be dominated.

In a very real sense you are smelling Power when smelling Men. The stronger the odor, the stronger your sense of the Man's power and, in turn, the stronger your desire to be overpowered and used by that Man.

So, no, there's nothing wrong with the fact that this arouses you. BUT... 


Your question shows that you have a ways to go still before becoming the true and total faggot you are meant to be.

Consider the terms you use:

"I'm never happy unless ..."

"I only like ..."

"I only get turned on by ..."

And a again, "I am not happy unless ..."

There is nothing wrong with a faggot enjoying itself when being used by Real Men. It is only natural for the very reason I already mentioned: Being used by superior Alphas is the only way a faggot can ever truly be happy. There's nothing wrong with having preferences either, whether it be in scent, Cock types, Cock sizes, ages, shapes or whatever. 

But what every faggot, including you, must understand and accept is that, in the end, what the faggot likes, dislikes, turns it on, or turns it off, is entirely SECONDARY and of no real consequence. Faggots exist to serve. Faggots exist for the pleasure of Real Men. Period.

In other words the faggot has no right to pick and choose based on its preferences or tastes. The faggot must serve any and every Man willing and generous enough to use it. Any Man. Every Man. Always. 

If that Man happens to be smelly, feel free to consider it icing on your slut-cake. But never limit your faggot service to that, or any other preference. It's simply not your right as a faggot to pick and choose. 

Learn how deviant faggots do it. Check it out, whores.


Besides the fact that you have a duty to serve any and all Men you can, irrespective of your faggy preferences, there is another good reason to become more open in your sluttiness. Namely, the more you widen your slut experience, the more Men and kinds of Men you serve, the more types of Cocks you take, the more Loads you get, the more Piss you guzzle, the more ways you are used. In short, the more indiscriminate of whore you become.

The more of an indiscriminate whore you become, the less important your various "tastes" will matter too. Including your preference for stinky Men.

Or, to put it another way, the broader your tastes will become.

You will soon discover that every Cock has its own special glory. Every Load its own perfection. Every Man his own POWER. Whether you can smell that power or not, you will surely experience it. And that's the most important thing.

If the mere scent of Masculine potency and Power makes your faggot clit wet with desire, how much more shall be your slutty bliss when tasting and feeling that very essence of Masculine Potency and Power within you. And what is that essence? CUM, of course.


Think about it, faggot: Do you really want to limit the experience of tasting and feeling CUM in your mouth and up your cunt due to pickiness over scent? Scent is merely a means to an end. It arouses your slut-desires. It makes you want to be a wanton whore. But the end game, the goal, the purpose of that olfactory arousal you so love, is to get you to actually BE a wanton whore. To serve Cock as a hole and depository for Man-Cum.

The scent of Man may make your whore body hunger for Cock and Cum, but it will never satiate that hunger. You got to actually Feed that hunger. So .. smell your Cake, whore. And, whether you like the smell or not, eat that Cake like the Cum glutton you know you want to be. 


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I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.