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Note: Ebooks are in PDF format and Audios in MP3 format and all are zipped/compressed for quicker download. 


I'm all about training, teaching and inspiring faggots to become the true and total faggot sluts you know you are meant to be. Sluts and slaves that exist to serve Real Men. Cock worshiping, Cum addicted, whores that thrive on being used, abused, humiliated and exploited for all your worth. On your journey into the abyss of wanton, Cocksucking, Cumdump, faggot depravity, you need proper guidance and inspiration. You need My Ebooks. 


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My new, highly anticipated, hardcore eBook is the first I've written for both faggots AND Superior Alphas.

Men: Discover the Power of Total faggot domination with My expert strategies for fully Mastering faggots, body and Mind

Faggots: At long last, learn how to become the kind of obedient slavish whore that tyrannical bastard Alpha Men love to use, abuse, humiliate, and exploit without mercy. 

WARNING: This book is only for the most extreme of extreme faggots, and those No-BS Alpha Men who love exercising  BRUTAL, DESPOTIC, CONTROL over faggot slaves. 


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Whether you're a novice Cocksucker or think you're already accomplished, this book is all about making you the BEST Cocksucking faggot whore in town.  A true PRO Cocksucker that Men will want to use over and over and over again. Based on a post originally reserved for My Minions, I have expanded this into a guide of over 60 no-nonsense, high octane, pages with strategies, tips and techniques that every faggot NEEDS to know to make Man and Cock happy. Ready to go Pro, Cocksucker? Good. Then buy my book now, whore. 


The Faggot Bible is THE definitive guide to being the 100% Trashy, Slutty, faggot Cumwhore you are meant to be.

At over 100 pages it is more than just a book ... it's a course for living the slutty faggot life you've always dreamed of living, and is designed to motivate and drive you to greater and deeper levels of Cum-drenched depravity and degrading sluttery.

It will guide you down dark corridors of sluttery and whoredom to full realization of your faggot nature and fulfillment of your true purpose in life: to be used like the Cumslut whore that you are. That's why The Faggot Bible is required reading for everyone who aspires to be a true faggot.


Whether you're new to serving Cock at Gloryholes, or already an accomplished Gloryhole Slut, Read it.

Whether sucking off random Men, or backing up to have them pump Loads of anonymous Cum up your Cunt ... Gloryholes are the perfect place to be a sleazy Cock worshiping Cumwhore.  Whether you're new to Gloryholes or already an accomplished Gloryhole slut, the Ultimate Gloryhole Guide is also required reading. It will take you to new levels of sluttery ... and inspire you to become the extreme, and extremely skilled, Gloryhole Cumwhore you aspire to be. 


An Advanced Guide for Extreme Faggots, get ready to take your Slut to the next level. 

It’s a great thing that more faggots are embracing their purpose in life as sluts and slaves that exist to serve Real Men and our Cocks. A great thing for Us MEN, that is. But not always so great for faggots themselves. Why? Because faggots are a dime a dozen now. It’s an Alpha’s Market, meaning that more and more faggots are in competition to earn Our Cocks.

To attract more Cock and Cum into your mouth, cunt, and life, means you need to stand out from the crowd and become the kind of exceptional, no-limits, faggot whore We Men really want. An Ultra faggot. This book is all about showing you how to become just that.


Don’t let the short length of My faggot Mind-fuck audios fool you. Each one of them packs a powerful cogno-erotic punch. At about 5 minutes each, they are made to be played on a loop and employ a combination of cutting edge and occult psycho-transformative technologies to brutally fuck the Truth of My Words into the deepest levels of your faggot psyche. By all accounts they are cruel, abusive, intensely arousing, and perversely inspiring. Some faggots swear by their power to awaken and fully liberate the fearless, wicked, depraved, no-limits Slut Within. Listen at your own risk, whore. 


Every faggot should learn how to enjoy merciless throat-rape from Monster Cocks.

The problem is that too many faggots can't seem to get over their gag reflex no matter how hard they try. And that's the problem ... trying to get over it. Here's a better way: reprogram your mind to actually LOVE the experience of Choking and Gagging on Monster Cock. Learn to fetishize the very suffering of being throat raped, rather than try to overcome it. This faggot mind-fuck audio is designed just for this very purpose. 



You are NOTHING but a faggot whore. A Cumdumpster. A Slut. Surrender as I drill this truth into your whore mind.

The first of My mind-fuck audios, this one is wildly popular with faggots, and for good reason: It mercilessly drills the truth of what you are as a faggot deep into your inferior faggot brain. Some faggots have claimed that this audio alone changed their life forever by inflaming in them a liberating awareness of their true nature and their true purpose: To serve Cock, to take Cum.



You desire a True Master. Every faggot does. But to be worthy of one, you must first sacrifice your will, faggot.

No Alpha Master wants a prideful, disobedient faggot slave. We expect our faggots to be like putty in our hands, ready and willing to serve us and our Cocks however we see fit, while gratefully accepting all the humiliation and abuse we may choose to inflict on the faggot.

This specialty faggot mind-fuck audio is designed to recondition your mind to absolute belief in the most important truth a faggot can ever know:  You Live For Cock. You Live For Cum. You Live for Master.


As a faggot you are nothing. Cock is everything. In your whore bones you know this. Worship your God COCK.

This faggot mind-fuck audio is designed to condition the faggot in the absolute worship of Cock. Every faggot longs for Cock. It is the faggot's instinct to do so. Yet True faggots must go further. They must learn to LIVE for Cock and the Gift of Cum that Cock provides. The faggot must become addicted to Cock as much or more than any Junkie is addicted to Heroin.

Yes, the True faggot must learn that it is nothing, Cock is everything. When used regularly, this faggot mind-fuck audio will facilitate that belief, that addiction, and the true Worship of Cock.


You are a filthy faggot and you have an insatiable thirst for Man Piss. Now is the time to quench that thirst.

An important use of faggots is as living, (sub)human Urinals for Men to piss on and in. This Advanced faggot mind-fuck audio is designed to mentally instill an acute desire to serve Men as a urinal faggot by creating an intense, unquenchable thirst for Man-Piss.

If you have not learned to love drinking Man-Piss, you must. And if you already love doing so, don't be surprised if this magnifies your desire for Man-Piss to the point of addiction.


You cannot resist the Dark Power of My words, faggot. Feel My whisper overcome and control you, slave. 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a relatively new name for an ancient and universal human phenomenon of trance-like euphoria. For a faggot, nothing is better able to create an ASMR state than My voice whispered into your feeble whore Mind.

The overt quietness of My voice coupled with the unrelenting brutality of My words will also no doubt paralyze your already vulnerable conscious minds with ecstasy while at the same time making you even more malleable to the Truth I speak into you.


Delve deep into the dark caverns of your whore mind. There dwells your True faggot nature, waiting to be freed.

This advanced audio differs from My other faggot mind-fuck audios in being a guided hypnosis session lasting almost 10 minutes. Its purpose: to lead you on an inward journey where you will discover and then fully awaken your true faggot nature.

Surrender entirely to My voice, My Will, and My guidance. I shall lead you, faggot. My Words and My presence will overcome and penetrate your whore mind and being. Until, at last, you discover the truth and transform into the absolute faggot you have for too long resisted becoming.


The more Cum you get, the more Cum you crave and need. Feed your addiction to Man Cum, faggot. Surrender. 

The junkie needs his smack. The crack-head needs his rock. But neither of these compare to the need of a Cum-addicted faggot. The Cum-addicted faggot thinks of little else than feeding its mouth and cunt with Load after Load after Load of Man-Seed. The faggot's Cum-hunger is insatiable.

The quickest route to becoming an abject, faggot whore is to become so extremely addicted to Cum that all other "priorities" fall away. This powerful specialty faggot mind-fuck audio is designed for that very purpose.


Kneel at the Gloryhole, faggot, and gratefully serve every Cock that slides through. This is why you exist, whore.  

This multi-layered advanced faggot mind-fuck audio is designed to condition faggots into being Cocksucking Gloryhole Sluts. This audio is made to create a compulsive need to suck random Cocks off at Gloryholes ... and an addiction to swallowing Load after Load of the Man-Cum you so desperately crave.

As the conditioning takes hold in the faggots brain, its skill and ability as a Cocksucking Gloryhole Slut will often radically increase as well, thereby making the faggot even more useful--and desirable--to Men who wish to use its mouth as pleasure-hole.


There is a Darkness within you, faggot. Have you sensed it? Fear it not. Embrace It. FEED it. And be empowered.

Created through a combination of modern and ancient occult psycho-transformative techniques, this mind-fuck audio is designed to target and activate the darkest recesses of the faggot psyche. It is the bridge to a Realm of Darkness that some call "evil," from which Dark Mages invoke the Hellish Hosts to do their bidding and grant their perverse wishes.

So too if you use listen to this regularly it will almost certainly "invoke" your dark impulses leading you to be possessed with with an unquenchable need to seek out Cock, Cum and abject, debased, sexual service of Real Men.


Your mind is diseased, faggot. Your body will follow. Your hunger is Toxic, for the Toxic. The Abyss beckons. Leap.

A serious faggot takes any and all Cum it can get, whenever it can get it, from any Real Man willing to offer it. "No Loads Refused" is a mantra for the Real Faggot. When it comes to POZ Cum, though, some sissy faggots are fearful. Other, highly twisted faggots, Bug Chasing faggots POZitively crave Toxic Seed above all else.

In recognition of this perverse desire in Chasers, and to awaken POZ Pride in those faggots who have already been converted, I have created this highly advanced, extremely evil, brutally abusive, insanely twisted, faggot mind-fuck audio. Don't be surprised if it makes you want to become a filthy, diseased faggot AIDS-bag.


You are pathetic. You are filthy. You are perverse. You are inferior. You are TRASH, faggot. Accept it. 

Compared to any Real Man, you are nothing but a piece of worthless faggot trash. You need to remind yourself of this at a deep level so that when Men treat you like the faggot garbage that you are, you will be grateful.

Delight in the cruelty of this highly abusive faggot mind-fuck audio as it compels you to embrace your existence as faggot trash at the deepest psychic level, thus making more obedient and pliant to the Will and desires of Real Men.


Alone at night a group of Men corner you. Fear grips you. Don't try to resist, faggot. There is no escape. 

Brutal Breeding, Hardcore Fucking, Extreme Gangbanging ... you dream of these things. You dream of being used to your limits, fucked deep and hard without mercy. There's a word for this twisted faggot desire of yours. It starts with the letter R and ends with PE. And you want it. Bad. 

"Extreme" is too tame a word for this mind-fuck audio. It is made to facilitate and intensify your faggot fantasies of being used and fucked without mercy by Real Men. Some say that, used regularly, it has attracted the REAL THING. Consider yourself warned, faggot.