Straight faggotI got an email from a Mistress who wanted to know if it's possible to brainwash her straight male slave into a gay faggot. Good question. The answer is yes and no.

Faggot Yes. Gay faggot No.

Long and short, Yes ... certain "straight" guys can be transformed into a full-on faggots pretty easily. They can be conditioned to be Cocksucking whores, and cumdumpster sluts for Real Men just like any gay faggot.

But they will never be "gay" faggots. But that doesn't matter one bit really. The end result is the same.


The difference between a gay faggot and a straight Faggot, is that a gay faggot LOVES being a faggot. Loves having its holes used, abused and pumped full of Man Cum. It's what it lives for, what it exists for.

A straight faggot doesn't love it--at least not as much. But it still does it, serves Real Men like a fuck-hole whore, because its Master (or Mistress) COMMANDS it to do so. 


I love training, and breaking straight faggots. Fucking with their minds. Forcing them to see that they've been living a lie, that they are pathetic parodies of Manhood, and that just because they like pussy it doesn't make them Real Men. That they never will be Real Men no matter how much they want to be, so they might as well just give up and admit that they are just as inferior as any other kind of Faggot. They should start acting like the faggots they are by being fucked, used and/or abused by Real Men.

Straight faggots are contemptible, and they know it. The problem is too few of them have been treated with the contempt they deserve, and need. That's the start: break down any vestiges of pride they may cling to in being "men." After that, force them to be objects, sluts and cumholes ... slowly, one step at a time.

Besides brutal insults, brainwashing, and forced chastity and humiliation one of my favorite ways is to start by making them drink their own Cum. Then work up so that they eventually are drinking random Cum from found condoms. Fuck them (or make them fuck themselves) with progressively larger dildos. Start fucking Cum into their cunts with the dildos.

There are ways to make them become faggot fuck-holes sooner rather than later, like making it get wasted and then bringing a bunch of Men over to plow its drunk ass. But I like the slow game. I like to watch their psyches crumble, condition them to live in fear and increasing desire for the day they are forced to suck off a bunch of guys, or get gangbanged like cum dumpsters, or whatever else I decided they have to do.


Unlike the vast majority of gay faggots, sometimes straight faggots will actually cry during some stages of training. It's great to watch them turn into little crying bitches, and to rub it in their tear-stained faggot faces.

So, yeah. You can turn a straight guy into a faggot. And it's fun.

That is, I can. And some other Real Men could too. A Mistress, though, would probably need the assistance of one or more Real Men who are skilled in faggot conditioning ... or who are Agro enough to force fuck/gang bang the faggot bitch.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.