I have been asked a number of times about why I don't write more about using faggots as urinals and making them drink piss. The answer is that I simply hadn't gotten around to it. Until now.

The fact is that the importance of faggots serving as urinals for Real Men sis to Me so glaring obvious that it shouldn't need elaborating on. But, as with so many other things, faggots tend to be oblivious idiots. To wrap their feeble minds around any obligation or duty owed to their Superiors, faggots need everything carefully spelled out for them. Or simply forced, whether or not they understand why.

But as I am not there to force all of you cunts to be living, (sub)human faggot urinals, I will instruct (and brutally brain-fuck) you into urinal faggot service for all Real Men to use. Here are some important reasons why faggots should be used as urinals by Real Men.


Pissing on a faggot or in its mouth epitomizes the word "humiliation." The faggot waits, kneeling with its mouth open or--better still--with a funnel strapped to its face. One Man after another arrives, unzips, and whips out his Cock. Piss streams out filling the faggot's mouth with warm salty urine. Instead of the sound of a flush, the sound of gulping as the faggot drinks down every last drop. The Man--or Men--shake the last drops off their Cocks, zip up, and leave.

No words. Men don't speak to urinals. They just use them.

The faggot is left there waiting for the next Man to come along and use it. As it waits the faggot is forced to contemplate how far it has fallen. How lowly a creature it truly is to allow itself to be used in this way. If it had any self-respect it would resist being pissed on. Yet it goes further in abasement by welcoming piss into its mouth. No, if it ever had self-respect or pride, these are now long gone. It realizes that it is indeed nothing but a faggot, and it always will be. It accepts its lot in life to be humiliated and used by its Superiors. And it becomes grateful for the mere chance to be in some way useful to Real Men. It is glad for the piss. It is glad just to be useful to Real Men.

It's humiliation is complete.


Pissing on or into a faggot awakens something primal in both the faggot and the Man who is pissing. It is a kind of territory marking and clear statement of dominance and submission. When one-on-one it tells the faggot, "You belong to Me, bitch. Never forget that." When a group of Men are using the faggot as a urinal the message is just as important and just as true: "We are ALL superior to you, faggot. You belong to ALL of us. Never forget that."

As the faggot feels streams of warm Man-piss wash over it and down its throat it knows these words are absolutely true. It is marked. It is a faggot. It can be nothing else.


This relates to what I wrote in the post about Fags That Are Too Ugly To Fuck. Faggots that are un-fuckably ugly still have uses, and being turned into (sub)human urinals is one of them. Faggots that are too ugly to fuck are just so pitiful that they become infinitely grateful when a Real Man uses them as urinals. When granting these low-lives Pity Piss, they greedily guzzle it down because they are so happy to be of any use at all to a Real Man.

It's important, though, to make these bitches buy a proper mask: one that hides their ugly face while keeping their mouth open to receive the piss. And, because they are more desperate and pathetic than even most faggots, they are easy marks for cash-rape. Which is only right, since they should be glad to Pay Master for the privilege of being used as His urinal and drinking His piss.


A Man does not always want to fuck His faggot. During these off times He could just lock the faggot up--out of sight and out of mind. OR ... he could multi-purpose the faggot. Put the faggot in the bathroom tub, for example. Order the faggot to wait there. When you need to piss, piss in the faggot's mouth.

This multi-purposing of a faggot as a urinal is especially convenient when a Man has his buddies over to drink Beers and watch the game. Lots of Beer means Lots of piss, and everyone rushing to the bathroom during commercials. With a faggot urinal at the ready, there's no line and no waiting for the toilet. Everyone can line up and piss on and in the faggot at once. Quick and efficient.

As a bonus ... it saves on the water bill.



This is a short sample of My newest faggot mindfuck audio. Whether you are already regularly serving as a faggot urinal for Real Men, or are working towards that goal, you this is designed to drive your Piss-thirst deep into the recesses of your whore brains.

If you have not yet learned to love drinking Man-Piss, you must. And even if you already love it, this audio will surely magnify that desire to the point of addiction. Buy it now, whore, in The Master's Shop.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.