If I ever had any doubts about how low some faggots will stoop to revel in and expose their depravity, the submissions I got for The Urinal Gum Challenge ended them. I still have a bunch of videos of the UGC to sort through, but keep submitting them, whores, because the Challenge never ends.

But since I love thinking up new ways to humiliate and expose faggots, I figured there's no reason to wait any longer on issuing a new challenge to you whores. A challenge that I am confident will make your worthless little faggot clits prick up and get wet with excitement. I call it The Used Condom Cum Challenge.


Every faggot becomes a total Cum-addicted whore sooner or later. Usually sooner. After a sucking off a Real Man's Cock and getting its mouth flooded with Cum, faggots immediately crave more. And more. And more. And more.

Faggot hunger for Man-Cum is insatiable.

So it's no big surprise that faggots love it when they find used, discarded, Cum-filled condoms. For degenerate Cumwhore faggots, finding Cum-filled condoms is like finding treasure. And they greedily pour that milky treasure into their whore mouths and down their whore throats, without a moment's hesitation. Faggots finding Used Condom Cum are Like crackwhores finding crackrock.

So this just demands being turned into a new faggot challenge. Here's how it works ... read the rules and instructions carefully, cunts!


This challenge is about making a short video of you finding one or more used, discarded, condoms and drinking the Cum from them.

[Note: Full face is preferred but if you absolutely can't risk being publicly exposed for the disgusting faggot you are, then you can show just your lower face/mouth or edit the video to put a black bar across your eyes.]

Before even thinking of submitting a video to me, carefully following the instructions below. 


QualityAs these are armature, phone-shot vids, I don't expect super quality. BUT, they need to be well lit, reasonably framed, and you should try to keep camera-shaking to a minimum. There are plenty of free apps and producing a quality vid with ease. Find one of them. And fucking use it. 

FormatThe video must be converted to Mp4 format, which you can do for free online (google it, whores).

Brand ItIf I'm exposing you, I'm gonna exploit you too, bitch. Use your editing software to create an opening "Credits" that says, "" 

LengthMinimum 1 minute. Maximum 5 minutes.

Submission: ZIP the fucking video before emailing it to Me! Email to 

  • In the Subject Line write: USED CONDOM CUM VIDEO SUBMISSION
  • In the Email Body tell Me your Minion user name here on If you're not My minion, include your Twitter handle, Tumblr name, or whatever "name" and other info you want Me to include when/if I choose to post the video. 
  • Write a brief bio and a description of the experience, such as where you found the used condoms, etc. 

(It should go without saying that you must be at least 18 years old to participate. If you're not at least 18, you shouldn't even be reading this so get the fuck out of My site and sight!)


If you want to go the extra mile, here are some additional tips for you filthy faggots to think about. 

1. Finding Used Condoms

I don't care where you find used condoms. Your faggy noses can probably smell them out, like faggot Cumhounds. Your best best is probably Adult Bookstore Gloryhole Booth garbage cans or public restrooms where you know Men and faggots cruise for sex. is probably your best bet for finding cruising locations, if you don't already have some in mind.

2. Lighting and Filming

Places like gloryhole booths can be dark, the lighting may make it difficult to get a good video clip. If that's the case, try to film yourself finding the condoms, but don't film yourself drinking the Cum there. Instead, take the condoms home so you can make a quality, well-lit clip.

3. Multiple Condom Loads 

Filming yourself drinking Cum from one found condom at a time is fine, but even better is if the video shows you drinking Cum from multiple Condoms. 

This is another good reason to wait until you're home to film yourself drinking the condom Cum too. Collect them over a few days (Freeze them) and then when you have a nice little collection, drink down all that Spunk at once.

4. Search And Find Shots 

This isn't required either, but it if you want to really make your submission stand out, then film yourself finding and rescuing the condoms (from floors, garbage cans, etc.). Then, when you create the video, edit these short clips to be the first part of the video, followed by the climax of the video where you drink all that spunk at once.

5. Be Creative And Edit 

Like I said, edit the bitch. But also feel free to be creative. Want to pour the Cum from the 15 Condoms you found into a wine glass and show yourself drinking it all that way? Have at it. Do you have a Sir who wants to film a close up of injecting all that Cum into your whore cunt instead of having you drink it? Give it a go. 

6. Take Pics Too 

Don't just take video, take plenty of pics displaying your used Condoms too. If I choose your video, I will want to use one or more of them as part of the post. And, it's good back up for ...


This is NOT My preferred option, but if you absolutely can't seem to pull off a good video, you can use a series of photos of you finding and then drinking condom Cum, if they are edited together into a short movie. But don't you fucking dare try to submit a vid with Condom Cum pics you've found online. I'll know, bitch. 


All videos that I find worthy will be shared here on and/or on My Tumblr Blog, guaranteeing that tens of thousands of Men and other faggots will see how disgusting, debased and filthy you are. It should go without saying that all videos submitted forever become My property to use and exploit however I see fit, whores.


So, get to it, bitches. Find those used condom Loads, and drink down all that anonymous Spunk you can. And then ... If I like your submission ... I'll expose you being the degenerate faggot Cumwhore you are.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.