Skinhead-bareback2I wrote before about Straight Faggots. Now I want to address the phenomenon of "Vers" faggots. In other words, faggots who also sometimes like to take an active role and Top. The question often asked is "Can I be a Vers faggot?"

The short answer is No ... though there may be instances when it is acceptable for a faggot to "Top" or even dominate another faggot.


To understand this we must first understand what the idea of "Vers" implies and what a "faggot" really is. The mainstream (feminists) have perpetuated a lie for years now that says everyone is equal, your feelings are always valid, sharing is central, and--worst of all--dominance is inherently bad. The concept of Being Vers reflects these misguided ideas. It assumes that the wants and desires of faggots are equal to those of Real Men. Indeed, it assumes there are no faggots OR Real Men! Just a pathetic LGBTQ rainbow of hugs, smiles and so-called "equality."

Nature protests this lie. We Real Men protest it. And true faggots protest it too.

We insist that This is our natural order: Dominance and Submission. Real Men and faggots. Masters and Slaves. Cocks and Fuck-holes.

If some self-styled faggots enjoy sometimes topping, this is irrelevant since the pleasure or desires of the slave is irrelevant. Only the desires, wants and Will of Masters matter.

Thus, a true faggot can never BE Vers, whatever it "enjoys." With that said ... it may sometimes assume the role of top. Again, this is not to say it is Vers. It only means that it hasn't yet embraced its proper faggot function OR it hasn't yet had sufficient opportunity to embrace it.


So a faggot that sometimes tops isn't Vers in any meaningful sense. But then when and why do some faggots top?

Remember that if you're a faggot of any kind with a Master you have to do what He says. He may refuse to allow you to ever top, but sometimes it may please a Master to order His faggot to dominate another faggot. This is a humiliation for the second, bottoming, faggot; a way of saying that it isn't even worthy of being fucked by a Real Man. It can also be a test of the first, topping, faggot's obedience.

So too it can simply be entertaining for the Master to make his faggot pretend to be a Real Man with another faggot. Like watching the village idiot pretend that he is the king.


Alternately, not all faggots are fem and weak or otherwise fit the physical faggot stereotype. While these more masculine faggots are not Real Men, they instinctively understand the Natural Order, where the Alpha has the right to dominate. Thus--while longing to be used like fuckholes--these more masculine faggots find themselves taking the dominate role for the simple reasons that:

1. RELATIVE to most other faggots they encounter they are the obvious Alphas. And ...

2. There are too few Real Men out there dominating faggots as they ought to.

It's not unlike when you see a pack of dogs consisting only of bitches. One bitch will end up assuming the Alpha role over the other bitches ... but it is still just a bitch. Once a Male comes along, the Alpha-bitch will throw itself on its back in submission to the Natural and Proper Alpha. So too when a semi-Alpha faggot finally encounters a Real Man, a True Alpha, the faggot will readily, instinctively, submit, ... gladly offering up its cunt for use by its Superior.

These Vers faggots know in their bones that they aren't really qualified to dominate because they aren't truly Real Men. They only seem (and sometimes feel) that way because they have difficulty finding Real Men to dominate them--force them--to be the faggots they need to be. Until these semi-Alpha faggots are able to find Real Men, they are simply filling an unfortunate void. They may act as tops by necessity, but they remain faggots by nature.

And there precisely is the answer to this Vers faggot conundrum. You will only be Vers until a Real Man sufficiently conquers you, compels you, trains you and frees you to become the total faggot you are meant to be.

So, if you think of yourself as a Vers faggot you must realize that you are lying to yourself. You either are a faggot or aren't a faggot. If you are a faggot then your goal must be to seek out and serve Real Men. After you have been fucked enough times, and filled with enough Loads, and dominated completely, the delusion of Vers desires will rapidly fade away. Your true faggot nature will then take hold and you will finally thrive through fulfilling your natural function.

Now, are you finally ready to admit the Truth and fully embrace your proper, natural place as a total faggot that lives for Cock, lives for Cum, and lives to serve Real Men? Then stop lying to yourself. Stop making excuses. Do it, whore. 


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.