Kneeling Faggot Slave

This Post is addressed to Masters and all Real Men who use faggots. But faggots need to read this shit too. And fucking LEARN.

As I wrote in This Post, some faggots talk about all the things they're willing to do to be total slaves, sluts and whores that exist to serve Cock and Real Men. They'll beg a Real Man/Master brutally fuck them, whore them out, degrade them, slap them, kick them in the balls, cage them, piss down their faggot throats, force them to lick boots, make them dress like sissies and do the dishes, or even Poz them up. 

Then the Real Man/Master says: "Good enough, faggot. I'm gonna make you do all that and much, much more you whore. But first, your faggot ass is going to Pay Master Fucking Tribute!"

That's when some of those wanna-be (fake) faggots back off. "I don't do that! I can't. I don't need to pay for it!" or some other lame shit. And this is exactly why every Master should ALWAYS demand Tribute from faggots who beg for Mastery. Here's the main reasons ...



Here's a sad fucking fact ... Actual slavery in any form illegal. That includes sex slavery. You see these slave contracts online where the faggot agrees to become a complete slave ... some of them even try to sound like legally binding documents. They're not. Ever. They're just fantasy.

A REAL Master doesn't deal with fantasy. He demands a TOTAL Submission from His faggot sluts. Not just sexual submission. You have to have $ Tribute $ to make that happen. Think about it ...

A major part of being a slave is working for its Master. Yeah, you may fuck it, abuse it, whore it out. But the slave needs to keep being a slave even when you're not there to discipline it. So, you send that faggot off to it's job where it works 40 hours a day, 5 days a week. It gets it's paycheck and you tell it, "Pay up, slut. Pay Master His due."

And the faggot pays.

THAT'S Power. THAT'S Mastery. THAT'S Slavery.


It's that simple. Masters, and all Real Men, are superior to Faggots. Faggots exist for our use and benefit. It's their place in life, and their purpose in life is to serve us. It's their reason for being. We are their living gods and deserve their tribute.

I've said it before: there are millions of idiots who pay 10% or more of their income to fucking churches to prove their devotion to an imaginary magic sky-god. A sky-god that gives them nothing in return. But we Real Men are real and living gods ... and we actually give something back to faggots for proving their devotion. We give them a purpose in life. We give them slavery. We give them abuse. We give them training. Most important of all we give them what they can't live without: COCK and CUM.



There are just three reasons why every faggot should pay tribute ... but especially those faggots who claim they want to be total slaves. If a faggot refuses to pay Tribute but you're still considering fucking or using the slut stop and consider this first:

How much do ya think the faggot spent on clothes this year? On Starbucks lattes? On movies, games, smart phones, the gym, and drinks at the bar? You KNOW that all but the poorest faggots spend at LEAST a few hundred a month on their petty little faggy luxuries (most probably spend thousands).

Now take a minute to look down at your Rock Hard Man-Cock. When that faggot refuses to pay Tribute it's like saying that its fucking lattes, clothes and other bullshit are worth MORE than your Cock. Such a faggot isn't worthy of your attention. Put on your steel-toed boots, and kick that faggot in its tiny clit and to the curb. Then go find some faggots who ARE worthy of your Cock, your Cum, and your Supreme Mastery.

Make the faggot fucks pay for that. And make them thank you for allowing them to pay.


fuckyoupaymeThis is the simplest reason of all. Any faggot who is unwilling to pay Tribute is a half-ass faggot. It doesn't have what it takes to be a real slave--even a fuck slave. If it comes up with bullshit reasons why it can't crack its faggy purse to pay Tribute, then I guarantee you that at some point it will come up with bullshit reasons why, say, it can't crack its cunt for the dozen Men you've lined up to gangrape it (not that this will stop you!); or why it can't drink anymore of your piss ... or whatever. Basically, a faggot unwilling to pay tribute is always a fake. He tells himself he want's to be a slave-slut-whore, but it's just a fantasy and that's all it ever will be.


One last thing ... don't confuse Tribute with prostitution. It's not about demanding cash every time a faggot wants your Cock or Cum. We use most faggots indiscriminately, and anonymously, so Tribute wouldn't even come into play then.

Tribute is more about those faggots who say they want to go further and become your subjects and slaves. Those who want your Mastery or even your instruction.

Now and again--especially with rich faggots--you may want to demand Tribute all the time for any or no reason. But in most cases Tribute is about TESTING the faggot and making it PROVE its devotion, obedience, degree of submission, and potential as a slave. It's just one part of training. But it never ends, either. 

The one time that it's the most important part is in the beginning. When the faggot begs to become your servant and slave. Or when you find a faggot who you think might make a good fuck-slave. In those cases ... ALWAYS start with Tribute. Test the bitch. Make it pay or throw it away.

No exceptions.


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.