I've never met a faggot that didn't dream of being stripped of all choice or the possibility of escape and being force-fucked by one or more Real Men. In other words being raped or, better still, gang-raped. As the popularity of hardcore Bareback force-fucking porn and My Rape The Faggot Audio proves, faggots are gluttons for fantasies of being held down, as one man after another rams his Cock deep in the faggot's cunt, pounds it without mercy, and floods it full of Cum. They want to be made into broken, Cum-drenched rag dolls. The desire seems to be hard-wired into their primitive brains, and just it goes to show how fucked-up faggots are. But at the same time ...

That's good for us Real Men because We are hard-wired to dominate faggots ... including extreme, unrestrained, often brutal sexual domination. But that raises the question: Why do faggots so desperately, and consistently, want raped? There are five important reasons.


First off, a quick but unfortunately necessary, disclaimer (and clarification here): I do not advocate "rape" as it is commonly understood. I advocate nothing illegal. While I have no moral problem with the idea of literally raping faggots, it's simply a regrettable fact that the law does not recognize what should be a Right of Real Men: to use faggots however We want, as hard as We want, whenever We want. Since that is not the case, Men must never risk their autonomy and freedom by breaking the law. The supposed "trauma" rape might cause a faggot is of no importance to Me here. But it would be a real tragedy for a Real Man to lose His freedom.

I could use tamer and less controversial terms like force-fucked or gangbanged, but I'm choosing to stick with the term rape because that's closer to what a faggot really wants. It's also closer to what the scene is actually like when a faggots finally gets what it wants.

With that out of the way, back to the main question: Why do faggots want it? There are a five important reasons, and here they are ...


This is probably the most common reason faggots want raped. They are a bundle of fears, inhibitions and insecurities while at the same time they are too weak to break through these on their own. They claim they want to be true and total faggots ... to spend their days serving Cocks and taking anonymous Loads down their throats and up their cunts at Gloryholes, public restrooms, and bath houses. They want to be Cumdumpsters, they want to be trash sluts, they want to be total abject whores and fuckholes and subhuman faggot urinals. But they are afraid of disease, afraid of pain, afraid of being found out. The excuses are legion and as I've written in the Faggot Bible and elsewhere, nonsense. They are just excuses and only excuses.

Be that as it may, these faggots begin to imagine that If Only a Real Man or group of Real Men would force them to be the faggots they know they are meant to be, then after that nothing would stand in the way. They want to be dragged across their faggot Rubicon and, by being raped, have the bridges to their past, fake, half-faggot life, burnt behind them.

The funny thing is that the faggots who imagine this are almost always entirely right. If they get raped or gangraped it is an awakening. A painful but liberating awakening. They rarely ever regret it, except perhaps for the few days afterwards that their ruined cunts are so sore that they can hardly walk. Other than that, they fell like the world is now their whore-oyster and that nothing will hold them back from serving Cock, taking Loads and being the trashy sluts and slaves they are meant to be.

But that's only IF they actually find a Man or group of Men willing to do it, and the faggot then actually follows through. Sadly, most faggots will back out of this just as often as they will from tamer exercises in faggotry. But, for those that do--or who experience it by chance--they invariably look back on their rape as the first day of their true faggot lives.

Fag Gangrape


Some faggots want raped for slightly more psychological reasons. Of course they want to experience being brutalized, Cum-flooded, fuck-holes but just as important is that they want to experience full and total surrender. Of will, of choice, of power.

They want their mind raped as much as their inferior whore bodies.

Faggots driven with this motivation most often come from the Middle or Upper Classes or who otherwise pass as "normal," "successful," or even exercise some authority over others at work. These faggots know they are in truth inferior and weak, so they are desperate to have that proven in the most powerful, undeniable way ... by the only ones that really can prove it: Real Men (specifically Real Working Class Men).


Many faggots want to experience the physical and mental pain and suffering that goes along with rape as a kind of perverse (but appropriate) penance. It may be because they know they have been living a lie in their daily lives by resisting their true faggot nature and because they have failed in the past to serve Real Men as often as they should. Or it may simply because their sense of inferiority is so acute that they "just deserve" to suffer at the hands (and Cocks) of Real Men.

I maintain that this is actually a very worthy kind of suffering-desire for these kinds of faggots. Sometimes I encounter faggots that misunderstand the nature of own inherent worthlessness so much that all they are is self-loathing. Some may even want to harm themselves ... something I completely reject and forbid. The problem with these foolish faggots is that they haven't yet learned My teachings so they don't realize that a faggot's real worth is in being used or useful to Real Men (See: The Worth Of Worthless Faggots).

Yes, a faggot deserves all the abuse and suffering a Real Man may choose to heap on its whore body. But a faggot has no more right to abuse itself than it does to pleasure itself. The right and enjoyment of faggot abuse is reserved to Real Men.

Thus, when particularly self-loathing faggots feel an acute need to be intensively used and abused, a proper and natural response is to seek out Real Men willing to inflict the suffering and punishment the faggot desires. A good rape or gang rape can be very cathartic for self-loathing faggots. While they continue to know they are--of themselves--worthless, they realize they are at least useful to Men. And that is joy for any faggot.


These are the most advanced of faggots. Faggots that are not motivated by any of the above personal reasons or drives, but want raped simply because they want to serve Real Men. To serve Real Men in the most extreme way possible.

As I said above, the instinct to brutally fuck faggots is in Our very DNA as Real Men. But because of the law and because so many faggots have so many bullshit inhibitions ... our opportunities to rape faggots are tragically all too rare.

This pains the true, advanced faggot sorely. Just as it hates to think that any Real Man should ever have to jack off, or go without a faggot mouth or cunt to use and fill ... it also hates the idea that a Real Man should be denied the opportunity to rape a faggot if He so chooses.

These kinds of faggots are almost always extremely experienced sluts. They have spent countless days and hours serving Cock and taking hundreds--if not thousands--of Loads at Gloryholes, Bath Houses, and wherever else they can. They never refuse a Cock. They never refuse a Load. They are well-trained, obedient, subservient, slaves. But they want to take it to the next level. They want to be bitch princes of faggotry. They want to be rape-whore-faggots.

A laudable aspiration indeed.

rape fantasy gif


It is said that rape is traumatizing and scarring for life. Maybe with chicks that is the case, but very rarely with faggots. I've met many a faggot that at some point in the past experienced a true, unplanned, unexpected and unwanted rape or gangrape. And while such faggots may have been traumatized for a time ... they eventually begin to look back on the experience with perverse delight and even gratitude.

They find themselves fantasizing about it. Initially they feel shame at this, wondering if they were fucked up in the head somehow. And yes, they were fucked up. Faggots are always mentally twisted and debased in one way or another. But it's not the rape that ruined them, it's the rape that awakened them to the truth of their faggot nature. That's why they can't stop fantasizing about it.

The mental torture they are feeling is the result of social conditioning that has told them they should regret and forever be scarred by what happened, rather than delight in it and embrace it.

When faggots finally accept this and stop resisting fantasizing about their rape memory, its like a weight is lifted. Their true faggot nature and instincts come to the fore. If they haven't already, they begin to seek out Real Men to service. They begin being true sluts. Every Load pumped into their cunts feeds the hunger for more ... because it's never quite good enough. They want the real thing. And for them the real thing means "raped."

Finally it happens. And the experience is ecstasy. The faggot looks back with profound gratitude to those Men that first raped it and tried to show it what being a faggot really means. Now the faggot finally knows what it means. It is to be a hole for Real Men to use and abuse. Period.


These are just five reasons faggots want, and often need, raped. There are other reasons faggots tell themselves they want it and need it, but most are either incorrect or ultimately fall under the umbrella of one or more of the above.

What matters is that a faggot that wants raped is a faggot that, at the very least, knows it deserves to be raped and that Real Men should be free to rape it. And that is an important step towards embracing your real nature and true life purpose as a faggot.

You exist for Cock.

You exist for Cum.

You exist to serve.

You exist to be used by Real Men. And yes ...

You exist to be raped, if We desire it. 

You Are A Faggot. 


I am The Master.

Pay Me Tribute, faggots. Submit. Obey. Worship.