Censorship, Post Moderation, And Other Bullshit

Men and fags, Not My preferred kind of post let’s get this shit outta the way … You may have noticed that your posts in forums, groups and activity stream don’t show up immediately. That’s because–as part of the ongoing war against porn and free speech–Big Banking is being used by the anti-free speech twats […]

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Hey loser faggots, The world has been slowly opening back up in most places, and more of you whores are able to get out there and serve Real Men like the Cock-sucking, Cum-guzzling, fuckhole, Cumdumpster whores you’re meant to be. That deserves a celebration. So I’ve decided to be uncharacteristically generous and cut Elect membership […]


Age And The Stages Of Fag Experience

Time waits for no man . . .or fag. I’ve been with literally hundreds of faggots, and I’ve noticed a few things. With time comes experience, and with experience comes skill. Everyone discovers their roles in the hierarchy at different ages in life, and today I’m going to talk about the benefits of fags at […]

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Why My Faggot Cunt Is A No Condom Zone

When it comes to sex I have one important rule: NO CONDOMS ALLOWED! Just call my faggot cunt a “No Condoms Zone.” If a guy is going to fuck me it has to be bareback sex, or no sex at all. If he says he wants to use a condom, I might say I’m “allergic […]

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6 Great Ways To Drink Cum

As a Cumwhore fag, I LOVE drinking Cum. I would drink Cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. I think I like it more than Cock (Is that wrong?). I’m addicted to Cum. I’m a Cumjunkie.  Maybe the only thing I don’t like about Men is that they never have enough Cum to quench my […]

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7 Reasons Why Gloryhole Sex Is Best

If you haven’t trying having sex through a Gloryhole here, you don’t know what you’re missing. Whether the action is Cocksucking or Barebacking, Gloryhole Sex is best! Here’s why. Gloryhole Sex Is Totally Anonymous Totally anonymous sex is SO hot, right? Never knowing the guy’s name, and taking his Load no questions asked. Well Gloryholes […]

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Poll: Are You More Of A Masculine Faggot Or Feminine Faggot?

Some mistakenly believe that all faggots are fem, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of fem faggots, but there’s also faggots that are so masculine that they might be confused with being Alphas. In fact, fags fall everywhere along the spectrum of Masculine to feminine. So what about you, faggot? […]

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New Faggot Retro Toon Tees Now Available

Two new faggot tees have been added to Mastersdungeon.store, faggots. Both in retro cartoon style that will make you stand out and turn some Alpha heads (and everyone else’s heads too). It’s great to be a hardcore faggot slut, but sometimes you bitches need to lighten up and not take it so seriously. Have a […]

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