One of the most enjoyable and important duties of any faggot slut is Cocksucking. This post is mostly to introduce newbie faggots to some Cocksucking best practices so you can start your slut journey out on the right foot. But us experienced faggot sluts can sometimes benefit from a reminder of the basics too!

So let’s discuss some Cocksucking best practices, from the faggot POV!

1. Always Swallow

Let’s start with the most important of all. When a Man is nice enough to Cum in your mouth you ALWAYS swallow it.

Some chicks might spit, but we faggots never do. It’s a duty and a privilege to swallow a Man’s wonderful Cum.

2. Never Use Teeth

Of all Cocksucking rules this is the most basic of all. A Man’s Cockhead is highly sensitive, so when you’re nob bobbing away you must be careful not to let his Cockhead graze your teeth.

A classic technique for helping to avoid this is to wrap your lip over your teeth. If you’re having a hard time visualizing what that means, look in the mirror and make a face like you’re a toothless old lady. It’s like that!

3. Don’t Suck Too Hard

We know it’s called Cock SUCKING but don’t confuse yourself with a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Sucking too hard for too long isn’t sustainable and has even been known to cause canker sores, which are harmless but a bit painful.

Applying some suction to just the Cock head now and again is all you really need to do. Suction on the shaft is wasted energy and effort. Saving more intense head suction for just before and while the guy is Cumming is a tried and true technique that’s guaranteed to take him to the heights of pleasure, and explode gysers of Cum into your mouth!

4. Use The Tube

Combine your hand and your mouth into one wonderful living faggot fleshlight. Stroke and suck the Cock at the same time. This technique allows you to apply pleasurable pressure from your hand to his Cock shaft, while focusing all your oral pleasuring attentions on his far more sensitive Cock head.

The next 6 tips are reserved for Elect Alphas and Fags. Click the appropriate image below to become an Elect Member Now.

If you are ready to truly master Cocksucking we heartily recommend you read the EZ Slut Guide: How To Suck Cock Like A Pro.

(P.S. If you want to go extreme, reinforcing your Cock-worship and hunger at a deep unconsciousness level by also getting FagMaster’s audio mindfucks: Gag The Fag, Gloryhole Suck Slut, and Worship Cock. But only extreme faggots should get these!)


  • FagJay11

    My best tip would be to put a clicker or counter at the end of your dildos and practice daily at least 100 times. Once you can easily handle it, move on to a larger one!

  • CondomLover88

    very inspiring ^^

  • bitch01

    hot and to work harder to be
    better cock sucker have the 2 ed of the book above read every day

    • Subwhore

      I agree 100% that everyone can get over thier gag reflex. When I was a younger faggot just starting off, I thought I could never deep-throat a large cock. Now I am able to deep throat even large Latin and Black Alpha cocks and instead of coming up choking, I stay down and gag on them, and the thickest saliva from the back of my throat coats their cocks and they go crazy. When I finally come up for air, that thick saliva hangs from their cock to my lips and they love to look at that. My eyes are watery at this point, and that makes them happy too. Oh, and one of hottest things about deep-throating is that I still have my tonsils and I can feel them get pushed outward by the Alpha’s cockhead, which sends the Alpha into ecstacy!

      • Looking4headNYC

        whore, you said it. it’s not about getting over your gag reflex or eliminating it. USE it to give more pleasure to the Men you service. When I’m deep in a wet throat, that gagging massages my fuckin dick and feels awesome. And once you open up enough to produce that thick throat slime, it’s the best lube for some deep throat fucking. Combine both, and I’m deep fucking a gagging throat – I’ll blow my load every time. Shove it in to the balls and unload while the fag chokes and gags.

        • pleeseSir

          You are so right Sir! If only it were able to be used by a Real Man like Yourself who has no empathy with the hing into is face fucking into unconsciousness! it would be in fag heaven!

        • pleeseSir

          You are so right Sir! If only it were able to be used by a Real Man like Yourself who has no empathy with the thing He is face fucking into unconsciousness! it would be in fag heaven! Soo sorry it was all excited at the mere thought!

      • Alice

        yes i have no gagreflex only hard to breate sometimes hihihi

  • @Object

    Love the purr of a happy man

  • fag slave 796-626-068

    faggot 796-626-068 is an experienced and very good cocksucker. This is not a brag or even pride, it just is. Now the opinion of fag slave i usually not even considered, after fags are all universally inferior and stupid. Cocksucking is the one talent that a fags. Please a man, and he might want to keep it around. So the author had alot of good things to say about cocksucking and I have no dispute with what he said. But faggot has a few things to add, things that fags should NEVER FORGET.
    A cocksucker’s job is please the Alpha. period.
    A cocksucker should never pleasure itself while sucking cock. It’s all about the Alpha. If an Alpha wants to suck it, fine. If an alpha wants to watch a fag cum,, fine. But never, never never should a fag experience pleasure for its sake. Faggot is determined to uphold the standards of being a faggot slave

  • FatAssVegasFag

    And don’t forget to thank the Man for feeding you. When I’m with a non-dominant man (hey, a dick is a dick, right?) and he thanks me, I look directly into his eyes and say, “No, thank you.” And if I think he might have dom in him, I will say, “Never thank your cocksucker, Sir. I thank you.” After two or three of those, I will start calling myself a faggot.

    I love Alphas, but ALL real Men need service.

  • Gayade

    Great Post:-)

    I am so grateful to be out of the closet and to have the opportunity to service men guilt free now. I’m definitely making up for lost time. As soon as I got on prep I began visiting the gloryholes. I will be back on my knees as soon as the bathouses are open again. There’s nothing like the thrill of anon cock!! I have lost count of the amount of loads swallowed in 5 years. Im going to start keeping score on my visits to achieve slut goals and to try and reach my cocksucker potential.

  • brazilianfag

    Great post, very useful and informative for faggots, even more for those who are still beginning. Playing with the foreskin when the Man is uncut is mandatory!

  • bitch01

    thanks subwhore it take hard work to give
    good blow job head job make a man cock hard to cum
    down throat and lick it clean even it just done piss
    swallow all own saliva and the cum that will please the man

  • SLRN857078331

    great article, I’m a fucking fagot, improving real men service every day. on weekends I am in a gay club in Poznań, I immediately strip naked and I am completely naked until the end. Anyone who wants to use me, for which the fucking fagot always thanks the Masters for their practical training. when there’s no one to use, the fucking pedal goes into the booth and waits at the glory hole. will handle a minimum of six cocks with a trigger all night long. thank you so much fucking fagot for the priceless article

  • queery

    Such an amazing mind, fag brother. I’m so thankful to FagMaster for allowing you to post these. Thank you for writing, and FM for being so generous!

  • SLRN857078331

    today the pedal bought the PRO COCKSUCKER GUIDE (Ebook). step by step advice is invaluable. Already in his lifetime, the pedal has handled a lot of dicks, but now with the guide he can see where he made mistakes. the pedal thanks the Master so much that such an important guide is still available. Will greatly improve the handling of dicks.

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