It pleases me that more and more young faggots–18 to 20-somethings–are becoming sluts, fuckholes, and pleasure objects that live to serve Cock and Real Men like fuck-hole Cumwhores.

Starting down the path of wanton faggotry while still in their prime means that these younger faggots waste less of their lives pretending that they are anything but objects that exist only to serve their superiors, Real Men. It also means they will have more years to be the sluts and slaves they are meant to be, and can therefore service far more Cocks and take far more Loads than if they started later in life.

Despite this, and because more youthful fags tend to be more fuckable, many Alpha Men reject or ignore older faggots as pathetic, useless trash.

This is a mistake. Older fags are indeed pathetic. And they are also trash. But many of them are far from useless.

Not all. But many.

Here are four “good” things about pathetic old fags …


They have lived long enough to fail at many things, many times. Often dramatically. Failed marriages, failed businesses, failed dreams. They are past their prime, which usually means no one wants to fuck their bloated, pasty, disgusting old bodies.

Even if they wanted to pretend they are Real Men, their pathetic, perpetually flaccid, utterly useless little fag dicklets serve as impotent reminders that they aren’t, and never will be.

Even those older faggots who by all outside appearances seem to be “successful”–with money, great jobs, etc.–have often spent years haunted by the most profound failure of all: living a lie, pretending they were Real Men, while fleeing from their true faggot nature.

So when, later in life, they finally surrender to their true nature and calling as faggots they are apt to do so with a fanatic and perverse intensity of determination.

Determination to make up for lost time.

Determination to prove themselves still worthy of Alpha attention, and scorn.

As experienced losers, older faggots often have fewer inhibitions and barriers as well, at least once they take the full leap into total faggotry.

They are easy to train, manipulate, and mind-fuck … because they are finished lying to themselves and fleeing their faggot destiny.

This is far less common in younger faggots, who haven’t yet had their pride demolished, and who naively believe that their opportunities to be depraved sluts will always be there, and that they themselves won’t become pathetic old faggots some day.

Finally, because they have no shame, many old fags are especially entertaining. They will go the extra mile humiliate and degrade their inferior selves for Alpha amusement.


While some old faggots started down the path of wanton faggotry late in life, others have years and years of slutty experience under their whore belts.

BOTH of these backgrounds contribute to make old faggots exceptionally skilled as pleasure-things.

Those with long histories of Cocksucking who have in their lifetimes sucked hundreds or thousands of Cocks, and swallowed buckets and gallons of Cum are skilled pleasure-things for the obvious reason that they are practiced in sluttery.

But even those old fags who are making up for lost time very often have their own kind of skill. One perhaps less artful than that of their more practiced fagmates, but nevertheless exceptional. The reason: It’s driven by a kind of desperation. A faggot that is truly desperate for your Cock and Cum, will never just go through the motions. It won’t settle for anything less than its best when sucking Cock. The desperate faggot WORSHIPS Cock with every lick, every stroke, every suck, every swallow.

So … While I’d personally never breed some withered faggot’s old whore-cunt, I’d advise every Alpha to at least let some old fag skank suck your Cock.

Just do it through a Gloryhole so you don’t have to look at its ugly old faggot face.


I mentioned that the many failures of older faggots means they have fewer barriers to training and mind-fucking. But it goes beyond failure.

Because they grew up in a pre-internet age many of them repressed their filthiest desires, and even their faggot nature entirely. So when they finally embrace their true faggot nature, their puny minds are veritable blank slates ready for an Alpha to write His Will and Power on.

These kinds of old fags have mental baggage in excess, neuroses in abundance, and demons by the score. But given their age, most of them have fortunately managed to tame their demons just enough that they don’t go insane or become basket-cases (I say “fortunately” not because I give a shit about them, but because crazy fags are irritating as fuck).

But despite having these demons relatively under control, they still lurk in the murky shadows of the old faggot’s mind. Waiting …. For a skilled Alpha to exploit them as leverage in mind-fucking these pathetic, decaying old faggot whores.

It pleases me to make playthings of their damaged old whore minds … to twist their desires and fears. To break them. To remake them according to My Will. And then to enjoy hearing them grovel in gratitude, thanking Me for all the humiliation and suffering inflicted on them.


Typically most older fags have more money than young fags. This means they are the best victims of fagspoitation. What’s more, they are usually the most willing and grateful of victims.

Many of these lowlifes are just too disgusting for most Men to fuck, and they often struggle even to find a single Cock to serve. So they seek, equally viable, ways to fulfill their faggot duty to submit and serve their Superiors, Real Men.

Humiliating themselves for Our amusement, is one way.

Submitting to financial domination is another.

What’s more, like many others, they’ve already squandered money through the years in vain attempts to fill the void of their false-life with toys, cars, nicer houses, and material distractions.

Yet … they remain unfulfilled.

Until they are drawn to Me.

They come and beg me to take their money knowing that fagtax is their duty, paying Tribute an honor they don’t even deserve.

And I DO take it. Laughing all the while at their stupidity and weakness.

In return they receive from Me a treasure of inestimable value: Despite being irredeemably pathetic and disgustingly old, they get treated and used like they deserve.



  1. i’m an old fag, and you’re right that we do — or at least some of us do — get more uninhibited. even though i’ve been a slut (and i mean that literally…) for a number of years, as i get older, i find myself wanting to become more wanton. now if i can just find tops who deserve what i can give them! (not as easy as you’d think…)

  2. I am older and a sissy crossdresser and I am dying to suck and love cock I love cum I love being a submissive sissy obedient slut… I NEED COCK I need some humiliation and I need an OWNER… god I am soo hopelessly lusting to Serve COCK Serve a Master… I am in Buffalo, NY OH I want YOUR COCK I want my sissy man cunt fucked bareback hard and fast …. then make me suck and lick You clean…ummmm FUCK I AM HORNY !

  3. I’m a middle-aged fag with 20 years of service. Lately, I’ve been fagging for young BBC’s in the Baltimore area. They keep coming back for more. Telling me my deepthroating skills are phenomenal and then they enjoy tagging my manhole. I live to serve and worship men with every fiber of my being.

  4. So true for this old fag, failed at so many things to now realise it’s a pathetic loser that all its good for is a plaything for real men. Over the years my inhibitions have been worn down to the point where I’ll engage in all forms of degradation and humiliation to please a man

  5. I am older submissive closet sissy husband and I wear my wife’s pantys bra and lingerie to meet men who humiliate and degrade me for their amusement. My wife doesn’t know that o do this. I crave the humiliation of a stud man using me fir disgusting acts while he videos and takes pictures to use fir more humiliation. I have done all manner of nasty things to please them . I usually have to compensate them for using such a worthless disgusting pig like me .

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