While usually about family and stuffing your face with food, Thanksgiving can also be used as an opportunity for you faggots to reflect on how fortunate you are to Be faggots and know that you’re a faggot. There are many faggots out there who aren’t so lucky, and who resist or deny their true nature and purpose in life. Faggots that have never known the joys that you’ve known in being a slut, slave, and pleasure object for Real Men.

So after you’ve gorged your faggot face-hole on turkey and stuffing, set aside some time today to think and feel gratitude in a way only a faggot could.

Be Thankful For Men

Ponder the Superiority of Real Men, the Power of Masculinity, and how wonderful it is that We exist to dominate and use you.

Feel gratitude for every Man who has allowed you to serve Him as a Cocksucker, pleasure object, or fuckhole.

Be thankful for every Man who has treated you like garbage, spat on you, pissed on you, financially dominated and exploited you, or in any way reminded you of your place as an inferior faggot that exists to serve Real Men.

Now think about what you can do to be a better faggot and serve even more Men in the future. Because it’s not enough to just be thankful FOR Men. You must also demonstrate your profound faggot gratitude TO Men.

Be Thankful For Cock

Now focus in on Cock by itself. How wonderful it is to behold and how lucky you are to be wired to appreciate the glory of COCK.

Remember all the many Cocks you’ve been lucky enough suck. The way they looked, the way they felt, the way they tasted. How good it was to suck them.

Think about all the many Cocks that have been inside of your faggot body, driving deep for the pleasure of Man. And how very RIGHT it felt to be used like a fuck-doll, a pleasure object.

Think about how even the outline of a rock hard Cock in a Mans pants makes you weak in the knees, proving again that you are and always will be just a faggot. Yes, be grateful that Cock has such power over you, that it dominates your very mind, and that it gives you such a sense of PURPOSE.

Be Thankful For Cum

Don’t forget to be thankful for CUM, faggot. Cum is the essence of Man. Cum is the gift of Cock.

Cum is your reward for a blowjob well performed.

Cum is what your faggot cunt hungers and thirsts for.

How could an inferior faggot like you NOT be thankful when a Real Men erupts geysers of Cum into your faggot mouth, down your faggot throat, or deep inside of your faggot body? For, when he does so he is planting his very DNA into your unworthy faggot body. His essence. His Power.

Yes, how fortunate you are to be used an filled with a Man’s Cum, faggot. Be very grateful indeed that you are just a living, breathing receptacle for Cum.

Be Thankful For Master

And don’t dare forget, faggot, to be thankful for Me, the Master. For providing this website and My teachings which have guided so many faggots to finding themselves and their life purpose as pleasure objects that exist to serve Real Men. While also encouraging more and more Real Men understand how pleasurable it is to use faggots like you, and that it’s a Man’s natural right to do so.

Yes, be thankful that I have provided this space for you to “let down your hair” and be the depraved faggot you know you are, without having to worry about the ignorant judgement of Normals. Instead here you are applauded in your perverse degeneracy by other depraved faggots, and you get to enjoy cruel mockery and humiliations at the hands of Alpha Men who understand what you’re all about, and what you really are . . . Just a lowly faggot.

A true faggot could not help but be overcome with deep gratitude to Me when thinking about this.

Of course, you’re words of thanks mean little to Me. A proper and true faggot puts its money where its whore mouth is, and shows Me gratitude by paying Tribute. So do it now, faggot …

After Tributing your gratitude, thank me in the comments below for allowing you to give Me your money and thereby remind you of your status as an inferior faggot. Then, share any other things that make you thankful to be a lowlife faggot.


  • @Object

    This fag wishes it could thank you with money but if I did that i’d be homeless that is just how tight my finances are.

    It would be fantastic if a fag could have that word tattooed on the forehead so that random Alpha’s could walk up and demand a fuck or a suck then go about his day.

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