So you suck dick and get fucked. Big fucking deal. That doesn’t make you a faggot. A faggot should make itself useful for an Alpha beyond just sexual use. It’s not that we Alphas cannot do these things, but why should we when we have more important things to do, and we have you faggots to do these trivial tasks for us?

Here are five easy non-sexual ways a faggot can be useful:

1. Laundry Service

Offer to do your Alpha’s laundry for him.

Yeah, we know you’re probably going to sniff his underwear and lick at his sweat and precum stains, but we don’t care.

Just return everything cleaned, ironed, folded, and with nothing missing.

2. Cleaning Service

An Alpha should always return to a clean home, so offer to clean your Alpha’s living spaces.

This includes dusting, mopping, and tidying any room in his home where he allows you to.

3. Food Service

Offer to do food prep for your Alpha.

Get to know your Alpha’s dietary needs and favorite foods.

This also means that you can tailor his food to include more pineapple and less asparagus which we know you faggots will appreciate too.

4. Domestic Service

Offer to do domestic chores around his home.

This goes beyond just cleaning. It means everything from running errands for him, to picking up his dog’s shit in the backyard, to taking his car to the gas station to fill it up, etc.

5. Financial Service

Offer to pay for things or provide compensation. We don’t need your money, but it is right for you to still tribute.

Do you think it doesn’t cost anything when he drives to you to use you? Do you think it doesn’t cost anything for him to look like he does? Do you think those poppers/lube/etc. are free? Do you think running sites like this don’t cost time and money? If you aren’t making tributes, you are a freeloading failure.

You can get started by CLICKING HERE to tribute support and thanks to FagMaster for his work here on this site.

All of these things will please your Alpha, and a happy Alpha makes for a happier world.

You now know your use.

Failure to try is trying to fail.

No excuses.

This Alpha has spoken.

Comment below, fags.


  • mascfagnyc

    faggot had a prime opportunity with a Straight Alpha, but the Alpha had no experience using a faggot . The first time, Alpha had faggot come to his apartment and clean the bathroom and kitchen while wearing panties, stockings, garter belt and bra. After faggot finished cleaning, it was permitted to watch videos of Alpha fucking girls doggy style. Alpha jacked his dick but faggot was not allowed to look and was kicked out so Alpha could come. The second time to serve this Alpha took a while to think up, but He settled on faggot meeting him at a strip club and faggot would pay to watch him get a lap dance from the female sluts there. faggot got to see that twice, and then Alpha just split, leaving faggot in a straight strip club! After that, the plan was to find a woman for Alpha to fuck, then faggot would come by afterwards and eat his cum out of the used condom. The plan was set and he’d chosen the girl, but then he ghosted faggot. It seems like the cleaning service worked for Alpha, but providing straight sexual services for him maybe was too much.

    • AlphaUSN

      you still served him though, faggot. don’t get hung up on sexual service. that’s our decision, not yours.

      • Broncodad4u

        exactly right!
        when serving your Alpha, always remember it is HIS service, right? Not yours….
        You may have done exactly what he needed and wanted…that is exactly what your role is

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