6 Great Ways To Drink Cum

As a Cumwhore fag, I LOVE drinking Cum. I would drink Cum for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. I think I like it more than Cock (Is that wrong?). I’m addicted to Cum. I’m a Cumjunkie. 

Maybe the only thing I don’t like about Men is that they never have enough Cum to quench my insatiable thirst. That’s not their fault, of course. I blame evolution, or Darwin or whatever. Maybe if Men had balls the size of watermelons then things would be better because then they’d be able to make enough Cum to satisfy Cumjunkies like me.

The average guy only makes a teaspoon or tablespoon full of Cum every time he shoots. Add to that the fact that Men take about a half hour before their Balls refill with Spermy goodness, and you can see why I’m constantly thirsty for more (and constantly on my knees milking Cocks).

If you’re reading this my guess is that you love drinking Cum and can’t get enough either. So I thought I’d share these 5 great ways to drink Cum. I’m sure you’ve tried at least a couple of them, but consider trying them all!

  1. Drink Cum On Tap

The tried and true method of drinking Cum that every faggot knows. Drinking Cum fresh from the tap–the Cock–is hands down the best way to go when it comes to taste and freshness.

The only problem is quantity. Unless you’re lucky enough have a dozen or so Cocks cumming in your mouth all at once!

2. Drink Cum From Found Condoms

I discovered this on accident one night inside the Adult Bookstore (ABS) Gloryhole booth. The place was dead. Nary a Cock in sight. I was desperate. Then I noticed a used, Cum filled condom on the floor. In a flash of slutty inspiration I slurped it all down. Delicious!

Since then, I always check the floors and garbage cans of ABS and restrooms for used Condoms. You should too!

3. Lick Up Random Cum

Whenever I hit the jack shacks I also look for spunk that men have shot onto the video screens, the walls, or the floors of the video booths. Like a good Cum-puppy I always lap up every drop!

Same goes for public restrooms. Now and again I’ve lucked out and found Cum right on the toilet seat. Of course I always lap it up, like a good faggot should.

4. Save Cum To Drink Later

When it comes to Drinking Cum in large quantities, you have to learn some delayed gratification. Ask (or even offer to pay? That’s not illegal is it?) a Man or two or three to start jacking off into containers, and then freeze it for you.

Once a large enough quantity is saved up, thaw that spunk out, pour it into a nice glass, and treat yourself to an evening of Jizz indulgence.

Remember to appreciate the smell and texture before drinking the Cum down. Don’t just swig it. Savor it like a fine brandy. 

5. Drink Your Own Cum

Drinking your own Cum isn’t the best, because it’s fag Cum and not Real Man Cum. But it can work in a pinch. As a Cumjunkie, I think of drinking my own Cum almost like methadone is for heroin junkies. It’s just close enough to keep the edge off. I masturbate into a container every night, freeze it, and keep it there for emergencies.

5. Eat Frozen Cumcicles

I mentioned freezing and thawing out Cum to drink later. But maybe on a hot summer day you’d enjoy a icy, cool, delicious Cumcicle? 

Also known as “Devils Dick.” licking and feeling the icy spunk slowly melt in your mouth is real treat. It’s kind of like eating Cum and drinking Cum at the same time. I highly recommend it.

Final Thoughts On Drinking Cum

No matter how much Cum you drink, you’re always going to want more. It’s highly addictive to fags. But remember it’s not all about what you or I want as fag Cumjunkies. Drinking Cum is a REWARD that we have to earn. How do we earn it? By serving Men and pleasuring their Cocks! 

Making Real Men happy by being holes for their Cocks to use and enjoy is really the best reward of all.

Do you use any of these or have other creative ways to find more Cum and drink more Cum? Comment below!

P.S. Thanks to FagMaster for allowing me to share my faggot thoughts. Please show your support of Him by Tributing lots of money to Him. We don’t deserve Him or this site! But He deserves all the money and gifts we can give Him!

15 thoughts on “6 Great Ways To Drink Cum

  • Alice

    You are a bigger cumslut than me lol. I loveit too totally addicted i have only little sissy juice taste sweet so i desperatly need salty Alpha cum hihi

  • @Object

    Cum is a multivitamin tablet so with that in mind if the Alpha takes two multivitamin tablets every day he will create even more cum.

  • SkinSubBro

    perfekt, ich möchte jeden tag Alpha Cum und Pisse aufnehmen

    • Tomy666

      I also love to drink so much cum, love the taste and that’s what I’m there for, it should not only be a reward but also submission. I would love to drink a glass every day, but honestly it is far too seldom that I get anything at all, more than just my mouth full. It is sad

      • SkinSubBro

        ja ledier immer schwierig einen bzw mehre Pisse Kerle zu ahben die täglich abliefern

        • Tomy666

          Wäre schon froh einmal in der Woche wohne leider in keiner Großstadt. Schönen becher sperma pisse liebe ich sowieso.

          • SkinSubBro

            ja , aber Grosstadt ist auch nicht anders, leider, ich leb in Hamburg, lass mir auch zu schicken pisse sperma smellge soxs und jocks, aber auch da sehr selten

  • Pup Sonic

    Huge cumslut here. I will drink cum any way I can get it. One of my favourite ways, not listed, is out of a freshly fucked ass!

  • bitch01

    oh yes to be more of cumwhore have rim arses been fuck full with
    had my pussy arse full with more cum and down throat yes it is total cumslut slave

  • socksfagboy

    This faggot its very addicted to cum and it love it so much. Great post giving more and more ideas to fags to eat/swallow and take Alpha cum

  • queery

    Hmm. I’ll have to write some of these down. Thanks, brother!

  • SLRN857078331

    If you could only feed the fagot with sperm, piss and excrement. A perfect life would be a fagot. any amount will be absorbed by the pedal

  • mickeygrey

    Anytime I visit a public restroom, especially if it is one in an out of the way corner of the mall, I check the stalls. If no one is in the restroom I will visit each and every stall and lick the toilet seat. It’s really surprising how many times I will actually taste and feel cum on the seat. At the very least I will lick up some piss that has dripped onto the toilet seat. Of course as I get ready to leave I will lick the urinals as well. Lots of piss on them as you can imagine.

  • Hot4urload

    I must admit that I have done all of that. I started to realize that I was a nasty cum hungry faggot when I was a young teenager. I would cruise the public bathrooms in the local mall. I would go there to suck random stranger’s cocks under the stall. There was always puddles of cum on the floor. At first I would just look at all that waisted cum all over the place. Thinking about how long has that cum been on the floor and what did the guy look like. This one night I got to the mall late. Close to closing time. All the guys were home by then. So I’m sitting in the middle stall, playing with my hard cock. Looking at all the puddles of cum. Fuck I wanted to swallow some hot thick load of cum. I was so horny, licking the precum from my cock. Thinking about how good it would feel to cover my cock with the cum on the floor and jerkoff. So I placed my hand down on a big cum puddle and wrapped my cum covered hand around my cock. Wow using cum for lube felt so good. I started to lick the cum off my fingers. Taste so good. I wanted more. I put my face down on the floor and started to lick up all the cum on the floor. I had a huge mouthful. So I sat back on the toilet. Slowly swallowing all the cum as I jerked off. Of course after I blew my load. I would think about what a sick thing I did. Who would do a nasty thing. What if my friend’s or family found out about what I was doing. But from time to time when I was all alone in a public restroom I would lick all the cum off the floor and swallow. Once I finally was 18 and old enough to cruise the adult book stores and my girlfriend was not around. I sucked so many random stranger and let them use my mouth as a cum dumpster. I didn’t care what he looked like or how old he was. The only thing I loved more than sucking cock was swallowing cum. Sometimes I got there late before closing time. I would look around and find puddles of cum all over the walls and floor. Loads and loads. Way more than enough to feed this cum hungry faggot. I would have a big mouthful of random cum to swallow as I jerked my cum covered cock. I could smell and taste all that cum all over my mouth and down my throat. And if I found a used condom anywhere I would slide the cum filled condom over my cock and swallow what was left. This faggot never goes hungry for sperm. Every day I’ll jerkoff and save my own loads of cum. Blowing my load on top of frozen cum. After I have huge thick block of cum. I love to open a bottle of poppers and film myself covered in loads of sperm and posting them online for guys to jerk off to. Showing everyone what a nasty cum dumpster this faggot is

    • swallowthelot

      FUCK FUCK FUCK DAMN DAMN DAMN that is one of the horniest stories i have ever read. i have jacked off with found cum, but never swallowed it…..NOW I GOTTA RECONCIDER MY OPTIONS.

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