7 Reasons Why Gloryhole Sex Is Best

If you haven’t trying having sex through a Gloryhole here, you don’t know what you’re missing. Whether the action is Cocksucking or Barebacking, Gloryhole Sex is best! Here’s why.

  1. Gloryhole Sex Is Totally Anonymous

Totally anonymous sex is SO hot, right? Never knowing the guy’s name, and taking his Load no questions asked. Well Gloryholes take this anonymous hotness to a whole new level.

It’s just you and the Cock that slides through the Gloryhole. What’s the guy on the other side look like?

Doesn’t matter!

All that matters is that there’s a 100% anonymous Cock ready to be pleasured and ready to give you a Load of 100% anonymous Cum.

2. Gloryhole Sex Is Risky

The other part of it being 100% anonymous, is that you never know the status of the guy on the other side. For those of us that get off on rolling the dice and think a bit of risk adds spice to the sex life, this can be extremely hot.

Especially when you’re backing up onto the anonymous Cocks Bareback and you don’t do PrEP. As you feel him thrusting and then erupting a river of Jizz deep into your guts, you have NO idea if he’s neg and on PrEP or Toxic as fuck!

Every time you back up to a new Cock to take a new Load, you’re rolling the dice.

And you love it. (The risk is almost as addictive as the Cum!)

3. Gloryhole Sex Silences Insecurities

If you’re insecure about your body or looks, Gloryholes are the best way to beat that. With the wall dividing you you’re free to focus on just being the best Cocksucker or Cumdumpster you can be. Many many insecure guys have become uninhibited total SLUTS with the help of Gloryholes!

4. Straight Guys Use Gloryholes

Straight Men have been using faggots through Gloryholes for ages. You probably won’t know whether or not the guy your servicing on the other side of the Gloryhole is straight or not, but it’s just nice to know that any one of the could be. And if you suck enough Cocks like a good slut, you’re bound to suck some Straight ones along the way.

5. Cheaters Use Gloryholes

Everyone knows it’s extra fun to have sex with a cheater. Maybe the only thing more fun is being the cheater!

Cheaters–Gay and Straight–use Gloryholes too. They are great places to quickly and easily get off on the side when the girlfriend or boyfriend just isn’t cutting it (Or just because cheating is hot!).

Totally anonymous, no chit-chat, not strings. Gloryholes are perfect for the cautious and horny cheater.

6. There’s Lots Of Bonus Cum

Gloryholes attract tons of Cocks to serve, and rivers of Cum for you to drink on Tap (or get fucked into your cunt). The magical Cummy goodness of Gloryholes doesn’t stop there!

In Adult bookstore Gloryhole Booths there’s usually all kinds of bonus Cum you can enjoy. When you first enter the booth you can sometimes get lucky and find that the last guy has left you a nice gift of Cum dripping down the video screen, on the wall, or on the floor which can lick up or finger it into your cunt if you want to.


And don’t forget to look for used condoms. These are special treasures to Cumslutty fags, and can often be found just laying there on the floor, or in the booth garbage pail.

Even more Cum to slurp down or finger into your cunt.

7. Gloryhole Sex Makes You Feel Like A Total Whore

There’s just something about kneeling in front of a hole in the wall and sucking off the Cock of a TOTAL STRANGER. Even better, LOTS of total strangers.

All those wonderful Cocks.

All those anonymous Loads in your mouth and down your throat.

It makes you feel like SUCH A TOTAL WHORE. Even more if you’re backing up to random Cocks and taking Bareback Loads through the Gloryhole.

Whether sucking, getting fucked, or both it just feels SO right to be an anonymous Cumwhore at Gloryholes. Like FagMaster says, you’re just a pleasure thing there for Cock, indiscriminately taking all the Cocks and Loads you can get.

You can’t do that without feeling like a nasty whore. Actually, you can’t do that without BEING a nasty whore.

Which just feels so, so right.

Your Turn

So what do you absolutely LOVE about Gloryholes? Comment below.

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8 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Gloryhole Sex Is Best

  • Hot4urload

    Before I was old enough to get into the adult book stores. I have already sucked over 100 random stranger’s in public men’s bathrooms under the bathroom stalls. It was my dirty little secret that nobody knew about me. The only way to hide my secret from my family, the guys I was friends with or the girls I was dating was hooking up with random strangers. Some guy told me about all the cocks I could suck off in the adult book stores in the back video booths. How random strangers would stick his cock through a gloryhole. Cock after cock he said. So when I finally turned 18 I started cruising porn shops. Shore I had a girlfriend but that didn’t stop me from feeding my hungry for a hard cock. Most of the time when I walked into a video booth. My shoes got sticky from all the cum on the floor. The video booth was dark and nasty looking. But that only turned me on for cock. Once a cock hung out in the hole in the wall. I got down to my knees and put that cock in my mouth. My knees would stick on the cum covered floor as I sucked that hard cock. I would always think about what if someone I knew caught me. What would they think about what I was doing. What would my girlfriend think if she could see her boyfriend down on my knees sucking someone’s cock through a hole in the wall. I would think about that I don’t know anything about who’s the guy on the other side of the wall. What he looks like or how old the guy was. He could be a nasty fat old troll. What if he was related to me. You think that would stop me from doing what I was doing. Not at all. I spent hours every day. Day after day on my knees sucking every cock that stuck out from gloryholes. I was a total slut. I love to feel that cock explode in my mouth. Given me a hot thick mouthful of cum to swallow. Random stranger’s used this so called straight acting in the closet faggot as a nasty cum dumpster. And on slow days. When I couldn’t find anyone to suck off. I licked the cum off the floor. Use some as lube for my cock and jerkoff as I swallowed all the puddles of cum that guys left behind. Gloryholes are the best for a cum hungry faggot like me

  • Pup Sonic

    I discovered gloryholes in college.

  • SLRN857078331

    invaluable information will definitely influence the use of new and better dick worship techniques in the glory hole. I’m a fucking fag who strips naked in a gay club on Friday night, walks into the booth and waits at the glory hole for dicks

  • Tomy666

    That’s my absolut Favorit place my happy place but in my place very very hard to find over 200 kilometers

  • MNsissyfaggotalliej

    I discovered gloryholes at the park restrooms at age 16 and instantly loved them! The abs had them as well. I now have a portable gloryhole that I use whenever possible and still love going to the park and abs to suck and fuck anonymous cock. I never refuse any cock I’m offered. My place is to service cock and I do just that. Proud to be a cockloving sissy fag.

  • Rjtopher

    I remember well my first venture into a video store glory hole. I was in NYC and cruising as a kid not really knowing what was up but loving that guys seemed to be more interested in me and actually cruising me. I caught the eye of a guy who was totally in control and the eye contact said follow me as I did into a video store where he took me into a booth and took over, As I found myself on my knees sucking his cock he turned my head to the side and there it was this beautiful huge black cock sticking through a hole – I was totally caught off guard but instinctively I turned and took it into my mouth. The more I worked to enjoy this first cock and the more I took from him the harder he got and then with one switch grunt huge amounts of his cum filled my mouth which i instinctively swallowed. I knew in that moment my destiny and it has been my gift to many to please and to swallow.

  • Cumsumer

    Still looking to serve on my knees at a gloryhole. Not alot of success in northern Utah. Fingers crossed ..it’s a dream I desire to finally do.

  • Jack

    I had a friend who knew a guy that worked at an adult bookstore and snuck me in the back door and then into one of the booths. I had sucked many cocks before either at park restrooms or other places in the woods, but here was a chance to have all different types and sizes and I stayed put. I was in heaven as the first cock pushed through the hole and I started sucking, then another cock poked through the other hole so I took turns sucking each of them until they came. I swallowed all the cum unless they asked to spray my face I didn’t care. The love of sucking total strangers cocks was unreal. I was hooked from that day forward and still to this day love finding an adult bookstore with video booths when I’m on the road. It’s a crap shoot but well worth the fun I have.

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