If you’re a Real Man and you’re going to have a roommate, I always advise choosing a faggot roommate. Reasons …

1. The faggot will do all the cleaning.

2. The faggot will cook for you.

3. The faggot will do your errands.

4. The faggot will never argue or back talk. Fags know who’s boss.

5. You can easily exploit the faggot by charging it more than you could a Real Man or a chick.

6. You can treat the faggot like garbage–spit on it, mock it, humiliate it, slap it around, take your post-work frustrations out on it–and the pathetic bitch will THANK you for it.

7. You can piss on it or down its throat whenever you want (For a good laugh sneak into its bedroom while its sleeping and pissing all over it).

8. Snap your fingers and the bitch will suck your Cock. Or bend over and let you breed its pussy. A Cocksucker and a Cumhole, whenever you want. No questions asked.

9. Same for your buddies. Like this gif. You’re place will become the most popular hangout when you have a good Cocksucking faggot to share.

I’m sure there’s more reasons than these why faggots make great roommates. Comment below with your ideas, Men and fags.  


  • NBayKink

    All true and very good reasons, Master

  • fagslave75

    10. faggots will wash, dry, iron, and fold Your clothes before putting them away.
    11. faggots will act as Your chauffer. Opening doors for You and keeping Your car spotlessly clean for You.
    12. faggots will turn over their paycheck to You so You can spend it anyway You like and give them an allowance for the week to live on.

  • peckerchecker

    thank You for the plug Sir,,great advertisment

  • kinkyboyhu

    No matter what Men want us to do, or do to us, fags are there to serve and will even thank You for the privilege. It would truly be an honor to be the roommate of a Real Man.
    Please, Sirs, exploit us.

  • thomastoken

    This is what this faggot lives for

  • fag slave 796-626-068

    A faggot slave is born to serve Alpha Males reflexively.

  • bitch01

    yes it is faggot whore pussy slave to
    serve please sucking all cock cumholes
    Alpha men to use how the men want

  • FagJay11

    fags can be used as a foot massage, astray, table or any other furniture. No need to get up as a fag will serve you. fags will gladly pay for an Alpha’s rent and more just so they can be in the presence of a Man.

  • AlphaUSN

    my first faggot was a roommate in college. did my homework when i didn’t feel like it was worth my time. if i got an A, he got fucked. B, he sucked my dick. any thing less than that and he got beat. good times.

  • brazilianfag

    Good reasons. Master. I never had a roommate, but I would certainly be much more comfortable living with an Alpha.

    Serving is good for us, and serving a Man in our houses is even better.

  • bdaguy612

    These are the reasons that i am so grateful to be a faggot. The chance to serve these ways for a Superior

  • boysobey

    Faggots will strip naked on command so their holes are always available.

    • CumFilledFaggot

      I have been told to do that just so I could be easily identified as a faggot. When I first realized what I was I was afraid someone I know would find out. So I was told to strip down to a jock and boots at a crowded bar so that everyone could see that I was a faggot that obeyed all superior men. And also I had to be completely naked at a party I was taken to. Everyone else was clothed. It worked… I knew that there was no hiding the fact the I was just a faggot cum hole that needed a real man to submit to.

      • boysobey

        Every roommate I have had insisted on enforced nudity inside the house. A couple in the back yard as well. They made it clear that the rules for the faggotslave didn’t change if other people were there.

  • boysobey

    Faggots will clean the wheels on your truck and use their own clothes to polish the bumpers

  • sissie-marcie

    You can whore out your faggot so they earn whatever you need for bills, etc.

  • cumdumpandy

    room available.. berlin

  • Chrissy1963

    We fags are here only to serve. No asking, no argueing, no loads refused.
    Just to give Real Men what they deserve …

  • AmoGerman

    You don’t need a quarter for the fag. Any corner that does not spoil the view is good for stacking it’s stuff. It can sleep in the shower, or any other place where it fits; Although it’s useful the fag sleep handcuffed, on the floor next to the bed. It’s always useful to have a urinal available so you do not have to walk at night.

  • SLRN857078331

    the fucking fag only lives for the Masters. achieve the required level of training as soon as possible and have the Great Day

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