Public Park.

Random Man.

Hard Cock.

A fat LOAD down your whore throat.

It’s your perfect day, faggot.

Suck it, swallow that Cum, and then serve the next random guy who walks and wants to use you.

You’re a Cocksucking faggot whore.

And you live for days like these.

2 thoughts on “A FAG’S PERFECT DAY

  • throatfag

    Long before I accepted that I’m a faggot, id wander around such parks and forests hoping a random man would whip his cock out n have me suck it.

  • Hot4urload

    The very first cock I sucked was under a stall in a public bathroom. I immediately got hooked on sucking cock and swallowing cum. So I started to cruise every public men’s bathroom that I ran across, and local parks. Just to feed my faggot mouth with cock. Most of the time I never got to see the face of the guy who I sucked off. I really didn’t care. All I wanted was a hard cock in my mouth and swallow a big thick load of cum. I bet most of the random stranger’s were twice my age or older. I spent hours on my knees in front of so many random stranger’s cocks. Letting anyone fuck my face, use my mouth and get throat fucked. I sucked cock after cock, swallowing loads and loads of cum. Nothing hotter then Letting random stranger’s use me as a cum dumpster.

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