Age And The Stages Of Fag Experience

Time waits for no man . . .or fag. I’ve been with literally hundreds of faggots, and I’ve noticed a few things. With time comes experience, and with experience comes skill. Everyone discovers their roles in the hierarchy at different ages in life, and today I’m going to talk about the benefits of fags at every (adult) age and level of experience.

There are three specific brackets of development: discovery, exploration, and proficiency.

Stage 1: Discovery

Discovery is when you realize what you are and your role. Some fags discover that they are fags in their 20s, but others don’t come to this realization under they are much older. Regardless of your age, this is where you learn to accept who and what you are. During this stage, many fags will go to porn or search online for archetypes. They cling to these as a basis to form their identities.

Many younger fags often get a sense of arrogance over their carnal desires. They are full of ego and have a hard time accepting that they need to remove this part of themselves. As they are still wrestling with surging hormones, they fight their desire for self pleasure and gratification. They need to be reminded that pleasure comes from the Alpha, not from the faggot. 

Exercise For Younger Discovery Fags

When you pleasure yourself, do it in front of a mirror. Look at yourself, and repeat these words over and over again: “I am a faggot for all real Men”. When you cum, eat your cum and think, “My cum is pathetic, and the dicklet it came from is useless”.

Older fags often are often without this sense of ego, but struggle with the insecurities that come from accepting their true natures late in life, as if they have missed out on a large part of relishing who they truly are. If you are an older fag who falls into this paradigm, focus on the fact that it’s better to have started late, than to never have started at all. 

Exercise For Older Discovery Fags

Practice, practice, practice. Take a dildo, or even a banana, and work on eliminating that gag reflex. Sure, it’s unlikely that you’ll attract hot Alphas for the kind of sex that a younger fag in better shape will, but you will be just as useful if you can demonstrate you have the skills for re-use. And every cock you suck, be grateful for it; it gets you closer to stage 2.

Stage 2: Exploration

Stage 2 is when you have accepted your role as a fag and aren’t fighting with your ego or your self doubts. You know who and what you are, and you are okay with this. During this stage, you will explore your skills and figure out what you are best at. Some fags find that they are better at domestic service. Others are fantastic cocksuckers. Others are meant for breeding. This is the stage when you will try different things. Focus on the things that give the most pleasure, and be honest with both yourself and your Alphas about your limitations. Whether you are 25 or 52, if you’ve only been an active faggot for 3 years, you are on the same level. Age has nothing to do with your status; experience does.

If you are younger, you are probably in better shape or have more stamina. This is your strength. Push yourself and use that stamina to provide long cock worship or all-night fuck sessions.

If you are older, you probably won’t have the same level of stamina, but this should not hold you back. Mind versus matter; remember this. Push yourself to be better and explore. Do not let anything or anyone hold you back from making up for lost time. One advantage that you have is that most older fags are more financially secure. Explore new possibilities like findom. FagMaster will provide an excellent opportunity for you to explore this in a safe way that won’t violate you like others may.

Remember, regardless of your physical age, your faggot age is comparable to anyone else exploring their roles at this “age”.


Once you know the type of faggot you are, have explored the possibilities, and have embraced your skills, you enter this final stage. This does not mean that you are done or have reached some sort of finish line. Far from it. We all age and we find ourselves limited by time. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your skills, or explore new things.

What we Alphas look for in fags comes down to three simple factors: willingness, eagerness, and skillfulness. I have been with younger, handsome fags who have amazing asses but are useless to me in regards to service because they have not gone through these stages. Conversely, I have been with old, ugly fags who have accepted who they are and because they meet those three factors, have been incredibly rewarding in their service.

We all age, but do not let that hold you back from being useful. Develop your discovered faggotry. Explore your faggotry. Become proficient in your faggotry. It’s never too late to begin. You don’t have to be young and pretty to be useful, you just have to follow these rules.

This Alpha has spoken.

10 thoughts on “Age And The Stages Of Fag Experience

  • pleeseSir

    Thank You Sir for Your wise words, confirming that it and all other fags need to lose its selfish personality and become better vessels for Alpha pleasure and use. Once again it is in awe of Your character and ability to explain so even simple minds can comprehend Your wisdom!

  • BlatantSub

    Thank You so much for Your Masterful guidance, Sir. All faggots can and should learn from Your words of wisdom. ❤️

  • bitch01

    thank you Sir it is a faggot swallowing piss sucking cocks swallow cum
    rim butt mid teens
    year younger with the alpha at high school & college do jobs for them
    it a slut for Alpha pleasures

  • bitch01

    my age start at 13 been serving men alpha for now four 43 years
    like the faggot it is meant to be

  • Worthless Cumslut

    Fags born to serve Alpha Men! It is our nature, it is who we are, it is our purpose, it is our truth. Doesn’t matter it’s age, as a fag we must continue serving and improving our skills. Thank you sir for provide to us faggots such an important lesson!

  • biviveksingh

    Thank you, Sir, for this article. This faggot is in its discovery phase, and it had served two alphas before the pandemic, but since then there has been a drought. It will try to learn more to better please alphas

  • Broncodad4u

    Well said Brother! I was literally having this conversation with a faggot today, who has come to their knowing, later in life – and the great ways, this faggot is now making up that up to Alphas, for the loss of access to this faggots holes, service and or pleasuring.

    Like you, I have seen this phenomena over and over again – the 3 levels ring true- no matter what names they are given!

  • FagNaytsyrc

    Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena 🙂

  • wankerbee

    thank you Sir and I hope to learn from your wisdom

  • mickeygrey

    Thank you so very much for your wise words. This faggot is always in awe of how much higher an alpha’s understanding of life’s role for each of us is. I am an older faggot that fought it most of my younger years. It wasn’t until my early 30s when I started to suck cock on a semi regular basis that I knew I was going down the right road for me. Even then I tried to ignore my true desire. It wasn’t until I was with a true alpha male that I completely accepted I was a faggot and never questioned it after that.

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