One goal of the New and improved FagMaster.com was to open the site to more Alphas who want to mock, humiliate, and degrade faggots since there are too many of these cunts for even My nearly inexhaustible cruelty to cover. But that’s not the only reason I opened it …

Another is that I want to create a platform for diverse Alpha perspectives and experience.

I am persuaded that almost every Alpha has something unique to bring to the table when it comes to the tyrannical art of faggot Mastery.

We benefit and are made even STRONGER from sharing these insights. And the faggots DEFINITELY need it too.

That in mind, consider this post a CALL FOR ALPHA CONTRIBUTORS.

Are there specific things that you think faggots need to know or learn? 

Or maybe you have perspectives or tips on the Art of faggot Mastery that other Alphas might benefit from?

Are you an expert in specific Techniques, or a strong in Theory?

It’s all good.

I have pretty high standards for what I’ll publish, but if you can write halfway decently, have something of good to share, or just something unique that deserves to be seen, shoot Me a line here on the site and we can discuss it.

You don’t have to share all of My perspectives on fag Mastery either. We’re all MEN, after all. We can handle respectful disagreement between each other. It’s fags that need to always remember their place … on that I think We ALL agree.

And NO. I won’t pay. This is about improving faggot Mastery for all of us and teaching these faggots to be better, sluttier, more slavish, and PROPER faggots. Which many of them sorely need. The cunts. I will, however, grant a free month of VIP Alpha Membership for each approved post.

It’s also a solid opportunity to promote your blog or site. I’m all about Alpha cross-promotion. Longer-term collaboration and a special treatment here on the site is a definite possibility too, for the right contributor(s).

So, hit Me up Studs. Let’s teach these lowlife faggots a thing or two.


(EXCEPTIONALLY slutty, experienced, and insightful faggots with solid writing skills can inquire too. But preference is obviously given to Superior Alphas).

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