In an ideal world Men would have the right to stop, subdue, bind, and breed any faggot …

Anywhere. Anytime.

Of course, true faggots would welcome this. Because true faggots know they exist to be used and abused by Real Men for our pleasure and amusement.

That’s a faggot’s primary function in life.

Its duty.

Its calling.

Its purpose.

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7 thoughts on “AN IDEAL WORLD

  • Cumsumer

    I wish there was a symbol no one else would recognize but all alphas would , that way us faggot cumdumpsters could wear it, post it on or cars, that way alphas in need to drop o load could stop us and use us.

    • Mystical Faggot

      God, I would love this! Hail Alphas! Hail FagMaster!

    • babyeddie71

      I just wear my fuck boy socks that way others know and see them. NO issue finding Alphas to fill my hole’s with cock and cum. If anyone does think of a way to make a symbol I would buy on and wear it proudly.

  • Aaidenn_j013

    I second this motion. As both faggot and graphic designer, i’m going to make this.

  • Cumsumer

    Cool, and figure a way so all can know.

  • faggybear


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