RandoFag37 writes:

Dear Master,

I read somewhere that you said there’s such a thing as Straight faggots. Straight faggots?!?! I’m just a dumb faggot but I don’t understand. Can you explain?

Your’s Obediently,
– RandoFag37

Inferior loser fag whore RandoFag37,

The first thing to understand is that faggotry is NOT necessarily always about sexual orientation.

It simply tends to coincide with it.

So forget the old association of “Gay” and “faggot.” It no longer applies (except in a specific fetish context, explained below).

Most faggots are indeed Cock worshiping Cumwhores by nature.  So it follows that most fags are “Gay” or at least “Bi.” After all, Straight guys don’t live to suck Cock and get Loads fucked into them, day after day, like common faggot whores.

So … most faggots happen to be Gay faggots. But that doesn’t mean that they always go together.

Clearly, a Gay or Bi Male Alpha is not a faggot, for example. By very nature of being an ALPHA, he cannot be a faggot.

Similarly, a Gay male can talk with a lisp, act like a priss, and carry a Pomeranian named “Princess” in his purse. He may, in other words, be the sterotype of “faggot” that most are familiar with. But if he isn’t also a total fucking Cumwhore that worships Alpha Men, embraces his inferior status, submits to humiliation and so on … he’s NOT, strictly speaking, a faggot. Not as I and most Alpha’s now use the term.

Besides being a filthy whore …

Respecting and honoring POWER is part of being a faggot. The Power of REAL Men, Alpha Men.

Embracing your proper place beneath Real Men (or Dommes) is part of being a faggot. As an inferior, slavish, humiliation-craving piece of bully meat.

One can do both these things and still be attracted to tits and pussy. Or, better said, one can embrace these aspects of their nature–their true faggot nature–and still be, technically, “straight.”


Common examples of straight faggot sub-types …

  • The Cuckold (Most are fags, whether they think so it or not. The Real Men fucking their wives sure as hell know it. And so, usually, do their wives.).
  • The married CD who wants mocked and degraded by Real Men.
  • The seemingly “regular joe” by day who at night humiliates itself for the cruel Amusement of actual Real Men. Because deep down it knows it ISN’T a Real Man.
  • The ugly piece of shit faggot who couldn’t find a dick to suck even if wanted to, who instead submits itself to My brutal cashrape.
  • The otherwise hetro faggot that has a worthless tiny little dicklet that Real Women would only laugh at, so it embraces a life of being mocked, humiliated, and exposed for the sub-man that it is by the Real Women it can never have, and the Real Men it can never be.
  • The owned faggot who is ordered to suck Cock or take Loads by its Master or Mistress, and who obeys because it is a slavish inferior that knows its place, and not because it really wants to.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The point is, as I’ve written in The Faggot Bible and elsewhere, there are common signs that suggest one is a faggot. Most of those signs are related to being a Cock-worshiping Cumwhore, but not all. Ultimately the faggot usually knows, or deeply suspects, it is a faggot instinctively. And if one suspects its a faggot–regardless of sexual orientation–there’s a good chance it IS a faggot. After all … Real Men never have these doubts or feelings.


There is, of course, plenty of overlap between faggotry as I’ve described it and the more traditional understanding of it where Real Men=Straight Men and Gay Guys=Faggots. Many homo faggots have a specific fetish for Straight Alpha Men, and these Straight Alpha Men are happy to treat the faggots as … well … faggots. To those outside of the Faggot/Alpha scene this looks like fetishized “homophobia.” And, seen from a certain perspective, it is. HOWEVER … we know it really isn’t. Without going into a long explanation that most faggots would be too stupid to understand, and I now grow too bored to explain, this kind of Straight-Alpha/Gay-faggot fetish is actually a co-opting of homophobia. It represents a sub-fetish, or a fetish within a fetish. Not unlike race play, BBC worship, Skinhead fetish, and so on.

When we dig down to the root of all of these we find two core elements, wearing different masks:

Power and weakness.

Sadism and masochism.

Humiliation (inflicted) and humiliation (experienced).

Mastery and slavery.

The Alpha and the faggot.

Straight, Gay, Bi … ultimately these are secondary.


Most Str8 fags will still end up sucking Cock and guzzling Loads. Whether they like it or not.


Because fags do what they’re told … and if an Alpha tells a faggot to suck, the faggot sucks. It can like pussy all it wants … it’s still just a faggot.

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  1. Every word by FAGMASTER is so true. With so many websites on the net, I have never found any man, who can nail down the complexity of faggotry as crystal clear on (digital) paper as HE does.
    Reading the”Faggot Bible” or the “Ultra Faggot Guide” has opened my eyes and gave me words to the everlasting feelings unable to express myself.
    Just reading some of these posts in its harshness and merciless honesty made me cum, because it triggers the deepest emotions to the point, where you can only bow down within yourself and say: “Thank You for being the Alpha Teacher you are for all of us here.”

  2. Thanks for this post FAGMASTER Sir. Reading this helps me reconcile the fact that I’m a straight male who is attracted to women not men with the feelings I have of somehow being a faggot. When you say “And if one suspects its a faggot–regardless of sexual orientation–there’s a good chance it IS a faggot.” I suspect that this rings true for me. I always had submissive feeling for women but never thought I could be submissive to a man. But I am increasingly aroused by the Alpha/faggot dynamic. When you say ” Most Str8 fags will still end up sucking Cock and guzzling Loads. Whether they like it or not”, I fear( or more likely Hope) that this is where I’m headed. Thanks again Sir for this great post and I will reread it often as it is a guide for me.

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