What’s the best way to set up a hotel train? Any ideas on this? I’ve never had a train run on me, and really want to. Should I put out an ad, or what? – @lilSissypet

faggot @lilsissypet,

A worthy goal for a faggot. So a worthy question. Here’s the answer, whore:

Post a “party” ad on a week or few days in advance.

Assuming you live in a fairly large town, you’re sure to have plenty of Men who’d be happy to use you. Many Alphas love fucking revolving door Cumdump fags. And few things feel so good as Breeding a nice Cum-sloppy fag pussy.

After you’ve created your party post, Men will begin sending requests to join. As a faggot you are obliged to approve all requests from Men who have expressed interest in using your fuck-cunt.

After approving them, you can send them the details of the hotel faggot-fuck train (time, specific location, etc).

Don’t count on all the Men who sign up to actually show up. Some won’t. It’s a Man’s prerogative to change his mind without notifying the faggot. If fifty percent or more show, consider yourself lucky. Actually, consider yourself lucky if even one shows. A faggot should be grateful for any Loads it can get.

On the day of the event, stay online on barebackrt, and change your status to “Looking Now, Public Place.” Also update your profile so it says you are being a revolving door, no Loads refused, Cumdump all day and to check out your party post.

And most important of all . . . DO. NOT. FLAKE. Once you put that party ad up, you follow through with that hotel fuck train, faggot. You take every Cock. Every Load.

No excuses.

No bullshit.

No backing out.


1). If possible, pick a hotel that’s centrally located so it’s not a long drive, no matter where in town the Men live.

2). If you know an Alpha who is willing, ask him to direct the whole scene. Which of these do you think will draw more Men?

“I’m going to be a No Loads Refused Revolving Door Cumdump, come breed me.”


“I’m making My faggot be a Revolving Door Cumdump, come breed it.”

If you guessed the second one, you’re right.

If you can’t find an Alpha to manage the scene, a fellow faggot can do in a pinch. Just have an agreement that it won’t try to steal any of your Loads. In exchange, you can agree to manage his own hotel fuck chain later.

3). Wear a hood so that you truly are an anonymous, revolving door, Cumdump, which is one of the things that distinguishes a hotel fuck train from a hotel hookup or orgy. Indicate that in your post.

4). Know that the focus of a hotel fuck train is getting fucked up the cunt, and fucked RAW. It’s not typically about sucking Cock. However, to provide Men options (and impress Men with your slutty creativity, thereby encouraging more to join) buy a PUSSYMOUTH GAG. And buy it from this link because I get a percentage, bitch. EVERY faggot should have one, but it will be a special advantage in the hotel fuck train scene.

* * *

Fags who have been, and Alphas who have used, revolving door Cumdumps in a hotel fuck train or similar scene . . . Comment below. Share your experience, tell this faggot how GOOD it is to be a revolving door Cumdump whore for Real Men, or share any tips if you may have.


  1. I’ve used before and setup a FAQ train at a local Denver Hotel. I took ~15 loads in my Fag Cunt, some Alpha’s were ready for second loads so for a while I was SpitRoasted. Taking alpha CUM in my Cunt and Alpha Cum down my throat. Truly a day of abject service. I’d do it again and again. Love Raw loads. On PrEP so toxic or ot are always welcum.

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