Good news, lowlife faggots …

After ditching them for over a year, I’ve brought back Badges and Quests. To check them out click that link, or go to Badges on the main menu.

Here’s the scoop, whores:

Currently there are about 18 badges you can earn. Many more are coming. Probably a few a day every day for a couple weeks. So keep checking. Many of the best ones I’m saving for last.

Some badges focus on your interests, skills, and fetishes. Some require you to complete steps to earn them, others you can just claim with a click. Each badge description includes instructions/required steps.

Some badges will be earned by completing larger Quests/Challenges. These are going to be the real fun ones. Both for you whores, and for Me and My fellow Alphas who will enjoy watching you bitches jump through hoops to prove how depraved and slutty you are. I don’t have any of those ones up yet.

Some badges will be earned automatically based on how active and engaged you are in the site. The more you particulate the more points you earn behind the scenes. When you reach certain levels based on your participation (activity stream posts, group posts, forum posts, friendships, etc.) you trigger better badges. But Be Warned, scum: If I see you trying to rig the system with tons of spammy posting or any other way, I will purge all your points, assign you negative points, and maybe even ban your cheating ass.

There’s a few badges that are for both fags and Alphas, but not many. Alphas aren’t pathetic like you losers. We  don’t get excited about fucking website badges. The few badges that are/will be included for Alphas are just to let faggots know what the Alpha’s main interests are.

Like I said, bitches, this is just the prelim launch. A lot more is rolling out. I just wanted to throw a few early ones up now to wet your faggy appetites and get you started.

So start, cunts …

Dance, faggot, dance! Entertain Us, you fucking clowns.


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