Many of you faggots that have embraced your role as servants and pleasure objects for Real Men desperately want to find a Superior Alpha Man to master you completely. You want to go from faggot servant to full on faggot slave, fully owned, body and mind. To be used, having no say in the matter . . . However merciless his fucks you, however cruel his abuse, however many Men he passes you around to, however many anonymous Loads he orders you to take, however many times he orders you to demean and degrade yourself for his amusement, and however many dollars in fag tax he viciously extracts from you.

As you faggot trash read that many of you felt a twich of desire and longing in your clits. “I want that! I need that!” You droolingly say to yourself. Maybe part of it, maybe all of it. You have for some time in fact, even if you couldn’t always articulate the desire to yourself. This is why you are drawn to My website. This is why you seek out Men to use and treat you like filthy whores.

This is good and only right. For a faggot such desires are only natural.

But true and total faggot slavery isn’t all fuck and games. Many a Master will demand that all lingering resistance, and even ego, is devastated in the course of your training . . . until little or nothing remains of your former identity, and you have become an empty vessel to be filled by Master’s Cock, Cum, and WILL.

Should you be lucky enough to find such a Master you will probably find slavery strangely liberating . . . at first. To no longer have to make sexual decisions, but to have them made for you. For your inhibitions and insecurities to no longer get in the way of being a completely depraved Cumwhore, because He doesn’t give a fuck about your inhibitions; He orders you to be a filthy slut, and you DO it, no options.

Surely you’ll delight in every Cock you are fortunate enough to Suck when He orders you to service random Men at the Gloryholes, bath house, or public restroom.

And surely too you’ll feel grateful for every Load pumped down your greedy faggot throat or up inside of your insatiably Cum-hungry faggot cunt, from Him and from every buddy or stranger He decides to pass you around to.

Knowing that He has taken you to a level of slavish Cumwhore faggotry you always dreamed of but never really believed was possible, you will feel an increasingly worshipful awe before your Master. You’ll even be grateful for his punishments and abuse. A small price to pay, you think, for how He has led you to become such a slavish faggot slut.

But . . . Then comes a greater challenge . . .

When faggots have progressed in their development to this certain point, they often become complacent. “I have arrived!” They think to themselves. “I am finally a total faggot slave!”

Oh, the faggot fools! How wrong they are.

Some Masters have just been waiting for this moment. All that came before was just faggot slavery prelude to the REAL training.


What does this next level of training entail? Of course the specifics differ based on what the personality, training style, and pleasure of the Master, and what He wants from His faggot. It could be forcing the faggot to move from being a slut that Master passes around at Gloryholes to a full-on, no-limits, bound and gagged gangfucked Cumrag. It could mean forcing the faggot to serve in ways it may not be accustomed to, or enjoy. Say, as a Piss guzzling urinal or an ATM that the Master drains of cash and pushes further and further into debt. It could mean making the faggot face its fears of exposure by having it humiliate itself online for Alpha mockery and amusement. Or it could mean cruely denying the faggot of the right to serve Man and Cock for an extended period of time.

Whatever the Master chooses, it will test the faggot’s commitment to truly being a slave.

Up to this point in the faggot’s development, its training has been simple and predictable. When obedient and pleasing to its Master it has usually earned some form of reward (Cum, praise, etc.). Conversely, if it has displeased or disobeyed Master, it has usually suffered punishment or abuse. Both reward and punishment serving the Master’s goal of instilling greater obedience and submission into the faggot.

But now, suddenly, the faggot finds its world and expectations turned upside down.

It does as it is told, yet Master punishes it?

It goes further out of its way to anticipate Master’s wishes by offering to serve in new and more extreme ways, yet Master suddenly denies it even the right to serve in the most basic ways, such as by sucking off random Men at Gloryholes, or licking Master’s boots?

It drains its savings account and Tributes it to Master without even being told to, gleefully anticipating Master’s praise . . . and instead Master takes the money, then without explanation tells the faggot it is worthless, and not to contact Master for 30 days?

What diabolical cruelty is this? What purpose does it serve? Why does Master act like this? These are some of the questions the faggot desperately asks itself.

Often at this crisis point the faggot will begin to question not only Master, but everything it has done up to this point. It may even doubt its own true faggot nature and purpose.

All the while, from the shadows, the Master secretly smiles His evil smile. For this is precisely what He knew would happen. He knew that this would be the true test of the faggot.

The faggot will fail. Or the faggot will pass.

If the faggot fails, Master will simply discard the worthless cunt and move on to the next of many would-be faggot-slaves.

If the faggot passes this test and successfully exits the crucible of its doubts, then the Master will continue to use, train, abuse and exploit His faggot for as long as he wants, however he wants, or until the slave is no longer amusing or useful to Him; at which point He’ll simply find another would-be faggot-slave to use and use up.

Only the faggot that has been broken of all Hope is fully free to completely used as a faggot should be used. Such a faggot does not think about its future, but simply surrenders to the present with gratitude that it is being used by its Master, or indeed any Real Man. Rewards and punishment are no longer distinguished. Instead the faggot slave meekly and gratefully accepts the Will of Master as Always-Correct.

Master may one moment seem to be a benevolent dictator. Then the next a cruel, vicious, brutal despot. He may force fuck the faggot, spit on the faggot, piss on the faggot, make the faggot lick His toilet clean, expose the faggot or ignore the faggot. And the faggot slave never questions, never doubts, never disobeys. Indeed, the faggot has now been so broken of its own false ego and will that it no longer even frets or worries because it has long since stopped fixating on its own feelings.

Master is Master. A brutal Alpha God reigning with absolute autocracy over His now un-selfed faggot slave.

And that’s the real lesson the slave must learn. It never was about making the faggot a better faggot, the slave a better slave. It was ALWAYS about the Alpha’s Power and the Alphas Pleasure. The faggot was and always will be nothing but a MEANS to that end.


So remember this, faggots, when you talk of craving total faggot slavery at the hands of a brutal despot Alpha Masters. When you ask to be broken and remade into a total faggot slave, it may not play out like the porn fantasy you envision. Slavery isn’t meant to be easy, whores. Nor is it about fulfilling YOUR fantasies. It’s about using you to fulfill the Master’s desires.

Not all faggots are meant to be total slaves. Some do better as independent sluts. Still others as online cash slaves and humiliation whores. And still others as their own unique type of faggotry. What ultimately matters is that the faggot finds ways to legitimately serve Real Men, an does that to the best of its ability, as often as it can.

Now, cunts. Discuss this post in the comments below. But first . . .


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  • Master Roger G

    Very well stated and true, sometimes in faggo T doubt they think they are in control!

  • sissysarahkneels

    Hail FagMaster. You have given faggots much to think about, and it is a much longer and harder road to true and total faggotry than us stupid cock gobbling cum dumps really understand. this has been a useful insight into traveling that road, to becoming a subhuman slave for a real Alpha master.

    It’s always about the Alpha’s pleasure, it’s always about serving His cock, it’s always about being degraded and exploited for the Alpha’s amusement, it’s always about obeying Him and submitting to His will….

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