The most important studies for a college faggot aren’t found in the Math, Science, or Humanities departments. They are found in the restrooms.

Most universities have at least one restroom commonly used by those “in the know” for anonymous faggot face or cunt fucking. College faggots should spend as much time there as possible.

Either wait in the stalls to be used or, like this faggot, drop trow to “present” your cunt as a sign that you are a slut that is ready to be used.

Every Stud that uses you, every Load pumped into you, will reinforce the most important lesson you can or will ever learn: That you are nothing but a faggot whore, you exist to serve Cock, you exist to take Cum.

One thought on “COLLEGE FAGGOTS

  • throatfag

    I’ve waited around those kinds of bathrooms, craving to suck cock. I naturally gravitated there. My faggot nature can’t be denied.

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