It should go without saying that every Alpha is the same in one important respect: We’re all superior to every faggot. At the same time, our experiences and perspectives on using, misusing, and mastering you fags will obviously differ at times. One of the reasons I decided to open up to other Alphas a few months back was so that you loser whores can benefit from hearing diverse Alpha perspectives and thus become better faggots for ANY and ALL Alphas you may be lucky enough to encounter, and serve. 

So I’m happy to introduce the first post by a guest Alpha contributor, AlphaUSN. Read and learn, whores.   – FagMaster

I see you faggots asking, ”How can I be a better faggot?”

Just sucking dicks or getting fucked won’t make you a better faggot.

It probably won’t even make you a ”good” faggot.

You want to be a ”true” faggot? You need to condition your mind to THINK like a faggot. You need to smash the part of your brain that hesitates to accept that you’ll never be equal to us Alphas.

It’s tough, but it can be done so you can live your life as you were meant to: as a pure, unapologetic faggot.

Like everything else in life, it takes dedication and repetition.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Get yourself some poppers

If you want to know what kind is best, talk to your fellow fags or go to for recommendations. Poppers are a great tool for new or hesitant faggots to numb that societal lie that ”all men are created equal.”

Step 2: Watch popper training videos that focus on being a faggot

Watch them with the perspective that not only are you the faggot in them, but that you can be even more devoted to service than they are. Better yet, FagMaster has training/mind-fuck audios for you in His Shop. If you haven’t bought them, go do that immediately and put them on your phone, iPod, whatever, and listen to them throughout the day on repeat on the bus, at the gym, or around the house. As you listen his words, repeat to yourself, ”I am a faggot” over an over again.

Eventually, you will ingrain this mantra in your psyche and it will become a part of you.

Step 3: Never stop thinking about ways to serve

As you’re at work, EVERY TIME you see a male co-worker, you should be thinking, ”I would be his fag.”

If you’re at the grocery store, you should be thinking, ”I would be his fag” at EVERY male you see.

At the gym, imagine yourself getting used and discarded by real men in the showers.

Every waking moment of your life should be consumed by thoughts of serving MEN. You must constantly work on adjusting your faggot brains and become attuned to the truth of your faggotry.

Don’t just THINK about being a better faggot. BE a better faggot.

If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re failing.

No excuses.

AlphaUSN has spoken.

Comment below, fags.


  1. Thank you AlphaUSN for posting these tips to help all of us become the best faggots we can be and strive to serve real men better than any other faggot can. I already know right when I wake up in the morning that I’m nothing but a faggot and will always be inferior to real men and I’ve not only excepted my fate I’ve felt embraced it and now I’m thankful that I was born inferior and could never be a real man cause I truly love being a total faggot cumwhore and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to suck alpha cock and get fucked in my faggot cunt like a bitch. Thank you sir

  2. Master, my goal is always to serve Alpha men to please then and to obey. I wish I could be a faggot 24 hours a day. I do think all the time of men, of cocks of pleasing and of being abused. It is had to find enough Alpha Males to serve everyday. I do try

  3. Real Men uses us lowlifeforms to Their pleasure and will. They do not need us. They allow us to serve Them. It is our duty to do our best, what always will be less then the Gods deserve. No excuses to search to be the best slave ever and always.

      1. If I could afford them I would. Almost every penny I have coming in is going for rent, power, and the internet. I’d be starving if it wasn’t for food stamps. Yes, I need to lose weight.

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