I get a lot of straight brothers asking me if using a fag makes them gay. They’re curious because, as we all know, nine times out of ten, guys suck dick better than chicks.

I reply by asking them these questions:

Does using a wrench make you a mechanic?

Does using a hammer make you a carpenter?

Does using an oven make you a baker?

Does using a computer make you an IT specialist?

Does driving a car make you a race car driver?

Does wearing running shoes make you a marathon runner?

Fuck no!

Just because you use a “tool”, doesn’t mean you’re anything more than what you were before using that tool.

Faggots are just tools for sexual release.

You’re not dating them. You’re not in a relationship with them. You sure as shit aren’t going to marry them. They’re just tools created to give us the worship we fucking deserve.

If you are a gay Alpha and you use fags, you were gay before using them and you’ll be gay after using them. No shame.

If you are a straight Alpha and you use a fag, you’re still going to be the same after as you were before. No shame

Nothing in your life changes any more than the examples I used at the beginning of this.

Now you know what’s out there, go get it, brothers. Use those tools and get the pleasure you are fucking entitled to.

Comment below if you are a fellow Alpha who can attest to this.

If you’re a fag, comment below as well and testify that you’re nothing more than a tool.

If ya need more proof that you can be Str8 as fuck and still use faggots, check out FraternityX

16 thoughts on “DOES USING A FAG MAKE YOU GAY?

  1. Just perfect explanation Sir!! We are just tools … holes… semen receptacles to serve and amuse Men’s Will. These Men are what They always were, regardless use us or not, and as any tool we should be always available and after will be dismissed or stocked to be used again and again, till we were usefull to Them Sir! Thank You Master by this wonderful text Sir.

  2. Using my mouth for much needed relief is like taking your shirts to the dry cleaner – you’re just having a service that you need done, performed. Doesn’t turn you into a dry cleaner 🙂

      1. Mr. Nasty Tim understands the dynamic. Just because it is a faggot’s life work — its actual purpose for living — to suck cock, eat loads and get fucked, means that the converse also is true; it is the Alpha’s right to take His pleasure by using the faggot any way He sees fit, any way that give Him satisfaction and pleasure.

  3. i am nothing more than a tool, i understand this. Thank You Sir for writing this. Makes me sad anytime a straight Alpha won’t use a bottom like me because they are afraid it will make them “gay”. Personally i’ve never gotten hung up on titles but personally i do think its hard for any bottom to deny they aren’t at least a little gay. I don’t believe any 100% straight guy has any interest in sucking cock or taking cock up his ass, except maybe those that want their lady friends to use strapons on them and then i think that is more about power exchange than that they have gay feelings. However Alpha men should never feel they are even a little gay because they fuck someones ass (regardless of gender) or let someone that doesn’t have a vagina suck their cock. Like you said we are tools for their pleasure, doesn’t change their sexual orientation because they use as to get off. Using us is no different then any of the examples you used. Nor any different then an Alpha using a plastic/silicone/etc toy to get off. We are still toys for their pleasure we just have warmer more eager holes to fill and receive your cum and don’t leave you needing to clean up as we’ll clean your cock afterwards instead of you using a silicone toy and then having to clean that toy up when you are done.

  4. I totally agree with this assessment. I’m a straight alpha man but alot of women can’t take care of my depraved sexual needs like faggots can. I fucking love fucking using and abusing faggots! It’s what faggots were created and born to do..take care of my depraved sexual needs!

  5. 100% correct Sir This Faggot is Nothing more than a Tool for any Alpha Man that wants to use it. Use me hard and put me away all dirty thats what I am for. Or loan me out to your other friends to use and pass around sir. I love a Str8 Alpha top jock to use me hard as he degrades me only to get his rocks off and then walk away.

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