I made this post before going to bed …

Master’s computer crashed.
Master requires a solid computer to give you loser faggots what you so desperately NEED: My Teachings.

Does Master panic when His computer dies?


He laughs.

For he knows that faggots will jump at the chance to spend their hard earned money to prove themselves to Him.

Prove themselves to ME.

You pathetic slavish faggot whores.

Of Course I’d love a Mac that costs a few grand …but I’m no fool. I know how to make you suffer, without breaking you. Not because I give a single fuck about your worthless faggot asses, but because I know a broken faggot is no longer USEFUL to me …

I want fag cash cows that I can keep milking.

So I have chosen the most affordable but viable computer for one of you cunts to buy.

So BUY IT, faggot. NOW.

The fag that does will get a very, very, special reward. Not because you deserve it … but because I know that it will even further enslave your worthless faggot ass to MY WILL.


Today I awoke to find that a groveling faggot did exactly as I expected, and as a proper faggot ought to … it JUMPED at the chance to prove itself and bought Me the computer. I may expose which one later.

The rest of you cunts are probably crying faggot tears that you missed your chance to prove yourself to Me, or “couldn’t afford” to. You can begin to redeem your worthless selves by TRIBUTING NOW. Make it hurt.

Now that I’ll have a new computer I will soon be adding other items to My wishlist, including items that aren’t nearly as costly as a computer.

A faggot’s duty isn’t JUST to be a hole, fuck-thing, and a humiliation whore for the pleasure and amusement of Superior Alpha Men. Its duty is also to make the lives of Superior Alpha Men better.  If it causes you to sacrifice and suffer in the process, all the better.

Never forget that, whores.


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